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THE COLLAPSE OF AMERICA FALLS SQUARELY ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE DEMOCRATS ………..There’s an old expression that “there’s enough blame to go around.” My thinking on that cliche is that the guilty party wants to unload his responsibility in the matter onto someone else. And that “guilty” party that I refer to today is the Democrat Party………….Listening to local conversations and reading social media, I have noticed that suddenly Democrats, who have not completely succumbed to the brain-eating virus which plagues their party and who understand that their party is a destructive force, are trying to save face by crying out, “Both parties are to blame for this mess.”…Well, wait a minute, sister! Let’s get our facts straight before we try to pull a slick one on the unsuspecting masses……………The facts may be an inconvenient truth to the Democrats, but they tell the real story of the downfall of America. And the facts tell us that The United States of America is in freefall because of Democrat policies, which are 100% liberal/progressive/socialist/communist policies. It is the Democrat platform which has given our nation abortion on demand, a defective educational system, an overburdened welfare system, Obamacare, a collapsing economy, excessive spending, an immoral culture, a godless society, open borders, lawless leaders(can you say Hillary Clinton), a nuclear Iran, Benghazi, an oppression of Christian liberty, men in women’s restrooms, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and a host of disastrous programs. The Democrat Family of Liberalism and her sisters Socialism, Progressivism, and Communism have devoured traditional and conservative America and The United States Constitution………..And Democrats are at their peak when they are pulling the ole switcheroo and projecting their shortcomings onto the “day-late and dollar-short” Republicans. As the country crumbles the Republicans must bear the responsibility of their own neglect to protect the U.S. Constitution. The GOP dropped the ball and went on defense as the Democrats used the mainstream progressive media to run interference. But try as they might, the Republicans were weak. They caved to the demands and arm-twistings of the Democrats and barely whimpered as their bones were broken. Their backbones were shattered, and they were reduced to crawling on their bellies, which soon became yellow…………Many Republicans have joined with the chorus of Democrats who are casting blame on both parties. REPUBLICANS, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PLOY……………While Republicans are not innocent in the demise of the country, it must be noted that the policies which brought us to our downfall are Democrat policies…liberal and radical policies.. The Republicans are not guilty of destroying the country and political environment. They are guilty of not doing enough to defend the country from the damage and relentless attacks from the Democrats…………Some may say that it is not important. What difference does it make which party destroyed America? And I say it is imperative for Americans to understand that Democrat liberalism destroyed America, because if America is ever to be restored, her people must understand why they lost her to begin with. If we allow Democrats to excuse themselves from their support of the big government, secular/progressive ideals, and we hold Republicans equally responsible for this national catastrophe, then we can never set America right again………….Americans must learn what happened. They must understand that liberal ideology is the enemy of the people, and if we allow the Democrats to “share” the blame with Republicans…WE HAVEN’T LEARNED A DAMN THING!

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