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Aside from the devastating policies of the Democrats which have destroyed this country, political correctness has kept the prudent and reasoned Americans from speaking out against the insanity. Stifling free speech has been the unequivocal method of the Left for binding the hands of the right-minded opposition. So, it shouldn’t be a revelation that Donald Trump’s blunt, politically incorrect speech brought adoring cheers from the silenced mainstream Americans. With his billions to back him, Trump has had the privilege to do and say what most of us would be socially persecuted or lose our jobs for daring to bring to light. Billionaires never pay the price that the little people pay. For Trump, unlike we little people, speaking the truth is not a matter of courage. He has the freedom to speak with abandon. It is an advantage of the wealthy……………And it was indeed Trump’s political incorrectness that appealed to his supporters. I, for one, am envious of his indulgences to give the Left and “some” of the Establishment the middle finger. If only we were all exempt from the constraints of political correctness, our country would not be in freefall…………..Trump defeated the GOP primary candidates because of what many on his side refer to as “brutal honesty.” Outraged Republicans were brought alive by the man who could voice what they were socially forbidden to say. I admit that it was refreshing to watch the Trump Man as he threw down the gauntlet and engaged in the smackdown of conservative adversaries. It was entertaining. It was funny. But what Trump primary supporters failed to consider when they took to the primary polls, was that while honesty is commendable, brutality is not. They refused to acknowledge that Trump’s “brutal” honesty, which played well with many Republicans, was not going to play well with the majority of Americans…………..Has any president ever been elected because of his “brutal” honesty. To my recollection, NO! While Ronald Reagan was open and honest, he was not downright ruthless nor crude with his speech. He delivered he messages with firm resolution and a forceful hand, but never was Reagan callous or vicious. He was always a gentleman, and like it or not, Trump Supporters, our president must be a gentleman……………….There is a reason that Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate to come into the presidential race swinging. Has it not occurred to GOP voters that the other candidates on the 2016 presidential debate stage knew better than to use personal assault methods against their rivals? Discounting the fact that they did not want to lower the bar for civility, the other candidates are politically savy enough to realize that in the long run, bloodthirsty tactics backfire. There is always a blowback for remorseless behavior. If there is any doubt of that, just ask Marco Rubio ……………Candidates such as Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina were both sharp-witted enough to have skewered Donald Trump onstage had they so desired. Neither wanted to descend to that level of rhetoric. They both knew, as did the other candidates, that in the long haul, barbaric politics is not a “winner.” It is a loser……………Politicians do not have the liberty to say exactly what they want to say. They do not have the liberty to offend voters. “Brutal” honesty is offensive to many people, and it is off-putting to voters. Ronald Reagan could drive a point home with a quip without “smearing” his opponent. Brutal honesty is not a vote-getter. An articulate and eloquent candidate can speak the truth without being brutal………………..Trump supporters were so focused on Trump’s entertaining and often justified rhetoric that they never considered how his “brutal” honesty would effect his electability. They saw Trump only through the eyes of the approximately 17 million Republican voters who voted for him. They failed to consider the millions of American voters who are turned off by “brutal” honestly…………..Trump is sinking in the polls, and while we know there is media manipulation of the polls at play, we also know that Trump is presenting himself very poorly since his nomination. Yesterday, he so unwittingly said that maybe Second Amendment people could stop Hillary Clinton from picking judges. Of course, the media and Left went wild with accusations of Trump calling for Clinton’s assassination. Of course, he was not. However, Trump has the knack of making controversial statements which can be misinterpreted. It’s all just another component of his “brutal” honesty………………..The 2016 presidential election is the election of our lifetime. It will be the breaking point. It should have been taken very seriously by conservatives. Our candidate should have been the crème de la crème. But Republicans decided that brutal honesty was more important than electability. And I am afraid that we will all pay “bigly” for that “yuge” mistake.

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