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Dare I say it, but if you are a white male, political correctness has it that you are the scourge of the earth. You, yes you, white male, are responsible for all of the social ills which plague the earth. And if the Left has it’s way, you will be paying a hefty price for your whiteness……….And to find an example of which I refer, I need not look any further than to Olympic hero, Michael Phelps. Phelps was “elected” by his teammates to be the flag bearer for the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympics. As the most decorated athlete on the United States team, Phelps was considered to be the obvious choice by his Olympic peers. In response to the honor, Phelps released this comment, “I’m honored to be chosen, proud to represent the U.S. and humbled by the experience of carrying the flag and all it stands for.”……….But not so fast, Michael. Should you, Michael Phelps, steal that honor from someone else who is NOT a white male? Are you using your white male privilege to deprive a team member of minority status the opportunity of carrying the flag? Who cares if you were chosen through an electoral process?…………Despite the fact that Phelps was honored to carry the flag by his teammates, there has been an outcry among the Left for Michael to step aside and let the runner-up carry Old Glory. And the runner-up is none other than an African-American Muslim woman by the name of Ibtihaj Muhammed, who is famous for wearing her hijab during fencing…………….You don’t get any better than that…a woman, an African-American, and a Muslim…all rolled up in one. I call that a threefer. Three distinguished reasons to shove the white guy aside and go for the second choice of the Olympic team………..And if being a black Muslim woman doesn’t grab you, factor in that Ibtihaj is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. According to Muhammed, “When you incite hateful speech and rhetoric like that, the people who say it never think of the repercussions and how that affects Muslim.” My message to Ibtihaj Muhammed….”I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS HOW TRUMP’S LANGUAGE AND RHETORIC AFFECTS MUSLIMS. DEAL WITH IT, “MUHAMMED.”…………W. Kamau Bell, who wrote an op-ed for CNN said that as a Muslim, Muhammed would make a much better choice than a “tall, successful, rich white guy.” So, now, being a “TALL” white guy is despicable. And if you’re successful and rich, well hang your head in shame, you lowly beast of white privilege….Bell continued with, “right now America has enough tall, successful rich white guys hogging the spotlight and trying to make America great……. again. Don’t misunderstand Bell. Addressing Phelps, he states, “During these Olympics you can win more medals to add to your all time number of winning medals.” Oh my gosh, how generous is that? W. Kamau Bell, whoever the hell he is, just gave Michael Phelps permission to use his God-given talents and years of sacrifice and hard work to win additional Olympic medals. Gee, that Bell sure is a swell guy………..Others argued that by choosing Muhammed the world could see what America really stand for…… in worldwide caliphate…………….White America is standing by helplessly as they are being maligned for their whiteness. The stage is being set worldwide for the persecution and extermination of the white race. It begins slowly at first, and then laws which are implemented by the Left will push whites to the back of every American institution. Healthcare, education, job opportunities, etc. will be determined by race, and the white guy is going to moved to the bottom of the list………and then “off” the list…………Whites are becoming the villains in a world gone crazy, and the white man is enemy number one…………Hold onto your white sons, Mommas. The Left is coming for them!

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