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This commentary is pure speculation conceived from factual narratives………. The reports surrounding the possible implosion of the Trump candidacy are valid. There is an unraveling of the Trump campaign, and whether the breakdown can be halted is yet to be seen. The controversy surrounding Trump and the Muslim Gold Star Khan family has supposedly ignited a firestorm within the Trump camp and the RNC. Multiple news agencies, including conservative sites, are reporting that high profile Trump allies are taking Trump to task. Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani are stepping out to stop what appears to be Trump’s self imposed destruction. Meanwhile, back at the RNC, Reince Preibus is spitting mad and joining with other Republicans to consider a replacement if Trump is to step down…….Now why would anyone think that Trump might be entertaining himself with a political form of suicide? 1) Trump continues to deliberately alienate Cruz supporters whose votes he desperately needs 2) He is advancing the excuse of a rigged election by Hillary Clinton. While we all know that his concerns are warranted, it is too early in the game to complain about this. He will become the “boy who cried wolf,” if he begins screaming “election fraud” too soon. 3) He refuses to back away from the verbal war with the Khan family. It gets him nowhere. 4) He refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain, and while I don’t blame him, his excuse was that they were disloyal to him. Had he said he disagreed with their policies he would have appeared justified. 5) He continues to create circumstances of disunity within the party 6) His former manager, Lewandowski, is once again bringing up Trump’s infamous birther allegations against Obama……….I could mention endless accounts of Trump’s self injurious actions. And they are so many, that a wise man would have to assume that they are intentional, or Trump is stupid. If he was merely stupid, his advisors would say, “Cut the crap,” and move on. But nothing seems to deter him from continuing on with his explosive reactions…………Giving the middle finger to his adversaries is typical Trump. His behaviors this week are no different than his behaviors last week. So, why would his allies suddenly become concerned about his behavior? I have some thoughts as to why, and I may be all wrong. But I am going to float them, anyway, and risk the ridicule which will come my way………..Could it be possible that Donald Trump never intended to be president? I have never believed that he wanted the job. There are so many questions which tell the story of a man who surprised the world, including himself, and won the GOP nomination. 1) If Gingrich and Giuliani were so disturbed by Trump’s impulsive and erratic behavior, why did they endorse him to begin with? 2) If Trump’s allies had spoken out against his behavior a month ago, or two months ago, who would have been the GOP nominee?……Ted Cruz, most likely…the man whom the GOP establishment hates 3) It has been established that had John Kasich stepped down from the primary weeks before the Indiana primary, Cruz would have had a good shot at winning the needed delegates. But Kasich, who had absolutely no chance of winning, found the money to finance his campaign. And the very day after Cruz suspended his primary campaign, John Kasich announced that he, too, was conceding a loss. Kasich stayed in the race for a purpose, and it’s no mystery that it was to prevent Cruz from winning. Who funded Kasich’s continued campaign? Kasich is Establishment, all the way 4) Trump supporters like to refer to Trump as the anti-establishment candidate. But that’s not true. Ted Cruz was the real McCoy when it comes to being an anti-establishment candidate. The Republican politicians said horrid things about Cruz, and while Fox News embraced Trump, they persecuted Cruz at every opportunity. Trump became the face of Fox News. 5) Within two weeks of the Republican Convention, reports are flying that Trump may be replaced. So, the RNC and Trump’s own campaign are turning on him within just 2 weeks of his accepting the nomination. Why now? Because if they wait much longer, the Trump replacement will not have enough time to get his campaign off and running. Time is of the essence if there is to be another candidate who runs against Hillary Clinton. There is no time to waste. 6) Ask yourselves…why, after a year of Trump being an obnoxious bully, has his campaign and the RNC suddenly decided that he is over-the-top with his ridiculous rhetoric? 7) Was this the plan all along? Was Trump the man whose mission was to keep Ted Cruz from getting the GOP nomination? 8) Did Donald Trump make the negotiation or deal of a lifetime when he accepted the nomination only to be reconsidered for the candidacy 2 weeks later? 9) Trump’s candidacy cannot be taken from him. He must step down. And if he does, the RNC replaces his position with none other than an “Establishment” candidate. Would it be Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush? Did the Establishment find a way, after all, of controlling their out-of-control Republican base? 10) Is Donald Trump negotiating the deal of a lifetime? Maybe or maybe not. But it doesn’t take a an intellectual to recognize that something is wrong with this picture. Have the Republicans been played, once again, by the Establishment, just like they were in the 2014 elections?…….As I said, this is just speculation, but regardless if it is a correct analysis or not, the Republicans are pulling something on WE THE REPUBLICAN PEOPLE….Please feel free to tell me where I am wrong.

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