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Angry rioters in Wisconsin turned violent last night, screaming “Black Power!”, as they went on the prowl for white people to beat down. As cars drove past the racist mob, voices can be heard shouting, “Is they white?” “Yeah, they white,” screamed one voice, and the crowd ran towards the vehicles. “Yeah, they white, get their ass,” shouted another rioter. One rioter warned, “Hey, they beaten up every white person.” “He white…beat his head…bitch!” cried another agitator. As the mob attacked cars, they tried to drag the passengers from the cars. One man yelled, “I think they just beat some white bitch ass for no reason…they bust open the window.” A Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter was thrown to the ground and punched. Burning down a gas station the trash began to yell “Black Power.” “Rich people don’t give blacks enough money,” screamed one man……………And somewhere in the White House or on the golf course, Barack Hussein Obama is cheering silently as his grand and glorious plan to drive a stake through the heart of racial harmony in America becomes reality. It began with the Beer Summit in Massachusetts, and where it will end we can only surmise. But racial relations are deteriorating as unsuspecting Blacks fall prey to the manipulation of the race hustlers among them. And yes, aside from being a community organizer, Hussein Obama is a race hustler operating from the Oval Office…………It is inconceivable that an American president would use his office and his position to create chaos among the races, but that is exactly what Obama has done. He has fostered black resentment towards the white race, and he has done so using nonexistent and illegitimate circumstances while generating hostility for whites among black Americans………….Unfortunately for the country, at some point an innocent white bystander is going to be killed by a militant mob, and when that happens, all hell will break loose. It is against the most fundamental virtues of humanity that a man would want to damage race relations in this nation. Inter-racial marriages, bi-racial children, white and black friendships, etc. are woven into the fabric of the American way of life. Many of these relationships will be fractured by the stress of an Obama-induced race war or at the best a race cold war…………Hussein Obama entered the office of President of the United States at a moment in time when Americans of all races were ignoring race differences and embracing the human race. He has managed to appeal to the malcontents of black society and the communists known as Black Lives Matter. Donald Trump was correct when he said Obama created ISIS, but I will add to that list as I contend Obama also created Black Lives Matter, another explosive group of organized radicals intending to take down America with divisive rhetoric and violent uprisings………..Who would have seen it coming. The first black president of the United States, who is actually biracial himself, swore to uphold the United States Constitution and then said to the Black community, “GET WHITEY!”

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