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Yesterday in Queens, New York, an Imam and his friend were shot in the head and killed by a lone gunman. Both men were leaving the mosque when they were accosted. The Muslim community is outraged and blaming Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani for Islamaphobia that they claim the two men have inspired. Chanting, “This is Donald Trump’s fault” and “Muslim hate crime,” Muslims took to the streets in gatherings (as in multiple protests)…………….Now, I don’t mean to sound insensitive here, but I have a question. Call me na├»ve, but exactly where were these concerned and outraged Muslim citizens and their protests following 9-11? Where were these Muslim protests against Islamic acts of terrorism after the Orlando “Islamic” terrorist attack or the San Bernardino “Islamic” terrorist attacks? Where have we witnessed any Muslim protests against their fellow radical Islamists who have been on killing sprees across the nation in the name of Allah?………..Good ole old fashioned logic appears to be politically incorrect nowadays, but I would deduce that the best way to stamp out what the Muslims call “Islamaphobia” is to protest against Muslims who kill in the name of Islam. Would that not send a powerful message to non-Muslims across the world, a message that read “peaceful Muslims abhor the violence of their brethren who are sadistic and twisted mutants of the Islamic faith? ” Of course that would necessarily be with the assumption that moderate Muslims are appalled by the perversion of Islam, assuming it is a perversion of Islam………………………….If I were a peace-loving Muslim seeking harmony with my fellow non-Muslim Americans, I would denounce publicly, in the streets and in the media, the horrid mutilation of my faith by my radicalized brothers. I would be outraged that these extremists were using Allah as an excuse for their murderous rampages. “NOT IN THE NAME OF ALLAH” would be my slogan, and I would be visible all across America. I would be a first responder at all terrorist attacks. I would be on the nightly news for days on end after each lone-wolf and organized terrorist attack, and I would be condemning those who were vilifying my god……….But Muslims are not speaking out against the murderous savage jihadists. After each attack a lone spokesperson from the Muslim community “might” make a statement in which he rebukes acts of terror, but does he do it with passion? No!!! He does it with ceremonial rhetoric. “This is not Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion.” Yada. Yada. Yada………….Fortunately for white America and unfortunately for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, the shooter who is still at large, is by all reports a Hispanic male. I know the elite media and Marxists in our midst hate that little fact. Had the shooter only been a white male, the politically correct insane would have had a threefer………Islamaphobia, a hate crime, and white male aggressiveness all rolled in together. If only the shooter’s skin hadn’t been brown, the protesters would be tripling down instead of doubling down with their accusations………….I am saddened when anyone is needlessly killed. And I am even saddened when someone is killed and needs to be killed. I always wonder what drove that person to the point in their lives where they brought about their own demise. Human life is precious until that life interferes with the existence of other humans………..The Muslim protesters yesterday were on a politically correct mission with their well-timed protests. We can expect the rise of Islamaphobia allegations as more migrant Muslims, predominantly males between the ages of 18 and 35 (we call that fighting age), pour into the United States. Mainstream “working” infidels will become the villain as the Muslim Brotherhood continue their march towards the worldwide caliphate. And Islamaphobia will be their vehicle. Just as “homophobia” brought to us the reality of grown men urinating beside young girls, Islamaphobia will erase reputable and legitimate complaints of radicalized Muslims………..If Muslims have suddenly decided to take to the streets with their protests, now would be the ideal time for them to begin their marches against ISIS and Islamic terrorism. C’mon now, Muslim communities, show Americans just how much you deplore the killing of the infidels. Make your stand against the jihadists and do it in the public eye so that all Americans can stand with you against these warped Muslims with whom “you say” you are not associated with. Now is the time for a national Muslim march in Washington D.C. Condemn those among you who are killing innocent Americans in the name of Allah ……I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

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