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The animosity within the GOP among the Trump and non-Trump supporters is staggering. Both sides have planted their feet firmly and will not budge in regards to having some understanding of the other side’s position. The NeverTrump Republicans find no room to consider a vote for Trump which will be a legitimate vote against Hillary, and the Trumpsters are unforgiving towards any Republican who would even consider voting third party…………..And then there are those like myself, who find ourselves in the middle. We view Trump as a poor candidate, but we also know that he is the only candidate who has an attainable possibility of beating Hillary Clinton. Those who vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson may be satisfying a need to cast their vote against Trump and Clinton, but their votes are worthless in terms of choosing the next president. And No! I am not implying that those, who want to vote for Johnson, should not do so. But I am stating that their votes will be nothing more than a statement against the status quo………….The most common argument that NeverTrump Republicans use to explain their total rejection of Trump is….”Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.” That argument may have some merit, but it is not an isolated consideration. We spend our lives choosing between the lesser of two evils as we live in a wicked world. Most elections involve the selection of a not-so-good candidate versus a bad candidate or a really bad candidate……………. In the 2012 Republican primary, the establishment GOP and Mitt Romney manipulated the race so that Romney was unofficially the winner before the Iowa Caucus. Republicans where psychologically exploited into accepting Romney as the inevitable GOP nominee. Romney did not become the party’s nominee without deception and political shenanigans. And in my book of immoral behavior, dishonesty falls into the category of evil. I am not insinuating that Romney is an evil man, but without a doubt, any way you slice it, Romney’s candidacy smacked of deceit. Yet, Republicans, aside from those who disliked him because he was Mormon, were able to vote for him. They voted for him, because they knew the dangers that were facing us with the re-election of Barack Obama. They voted for the proverbial “lesser of two evils.”……………Elections are almost always about voting for the candidate which is least likely to expedite our national destruction. Our federal system of government is so dirty…so damaged, that we go to the polls in hopes of reversing the trend but moreso to delay what we all know is coming. Whether we are voting for a president, Congressman, or senator, we are casting our votes for the guy or gal whom we believe will make an effort to pull tight on the reigns of this out-of-control stagecoach. And that almost always involves voting for a “lesser of two evils.”…………….A friend asked me why I contend that I will vote for Donald Trump but continue to speak negatively about him. Simply, I will not sacrifice my integrity by pretending to believe he is a great candidate. I will not forfeit my credibility by speaking my mind about his oh-so many negatives and then suddenly reverse positions on pretense. I give Trump his due credit, and I have done so many times, but only when he deserves it………….My argument for those who say that “voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil” is this………”NOT VOTING FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS IS VOTING FOR CERTAIN DEATH.” Anyone who has paid attention to the state of the world, the state of the country, and the political environment, knows that Hillary Clinton will put the tombstone on the national grave that Obama bulldozed. Under a President Hillary, The United States of America will cease to exist. Working -class America will become poverty-stricken, Sharia Law will replace constitutional law in Muslim communities, the Second Amendment will be repealed, the Supreme Court will lose all reference to the United States Constitution, White America will be persecuted, Illegals will take the jobs of citizens, migrant Muslims will drive the incidences of sex crimes to unprecedented levels, national security will be non-existent, the economy will collapse, hyperinflation will render the dollar worthless, and Christianity will be driven underground. The policies and legislation of a President Hillary Clinton will put the whipped cream and cherries on the global government in the making…………Donald Trump Is undeniably a poor candidate, but despite his negatives, we “may” have a chance. Granted, it may be slim, but a slim chance is better than no chance. Most of us, if diagnosed with cancer and being told that we have a small chance of slowing down the progress with chemotherapy as compared to choosing the alternative of opting out of chemo and death in the near future, will choose the chemo. We know it will make us sick, and we know that while it may not cure us, it will buy us time. It gives us a “possibility” of continued life. Thomas Sowell so brilliantly said, “With Hillary Clinton as president, we are putting a shotgun to our head. With Donald Trump as president, we are playing Russian Roulette.” When choosing the prospect of gambling with death to certain death, I don’t have to think twice. I will take my chances and choose the guy who just might be better than Hillary Clinton. I am voting against certain death.

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