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Is it too much to ask for Republicans to just let Richard Nixon rest in peace?  We can all agree that Nixon made his mistakes, but the Republican piling on of the disgraced thirty-seventh United States President is extremely annoying, and it is blatant pandering to the left-wing media and politically correct crowd.  Considering that the United States has suffered through the presidencies of the nefarious and sexually depraved Bill Clinton and the duplicitous and anti-American Marxist Barack Obama, Republicans adopting Nixon as the litmus test for presidential corruption is tantamount to cannibalism when the pantry is full.

But Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence decided to eat his own on “Meet the Press” today when he called Hillary Clinton “the most dishonest candidate for president of  the United States since Richard Nixon.”    As he told Chuck Todd, “It’s a tough charge but come on!”   And I say to Mr. Pence,  “Hey, Mike, maybe you need to ‘come on.’ ”   Really, Mike?  Is that the best you can do when it comes to insulting Hillary and alleging her degree of  corrupt and unscrupulous behavior.  Richard Nixon was an altar boy in respect to Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton lied to the American people.  He perjured himself in a court of law.  He is haunted with multiple allegations of sexual harassment and has been alleged to have raped at least one woman as well as exposing himself to Paula Jones.  He has connections to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and to Epstein’s Orgy Island.  There are at least thirty-three people who have died mysterious deaths and who were also the unfortunate friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is linked to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn.  His administration has persecuted conservatives through the IRS, implemented socialized medicine through fraudulent methods, side-stepped the United States Constitution and allowed illegal immigrants to enter the United States and become blood-sucking parasites off of their hosts, the American people.   He has provided Islamic terrorists a pathway into the United States while financing their lifestyle via social programs instituted for American citizens.  And he has effectively put Iran on the map as a nuclear threat to the people of the world.  As Commander-in-Chief of the States he has single-handedly done more to erode the nation’s national security than any president in the history of the country.  The argument could be made that it has been intentional.

So, why would a Republican make reference to the corruption of Richard Milhous Nixon when the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have released such a stench that a sewer rat would climb back into the cesspool just to escape the putrid odor of Clinton and Obama?  Why do Republicans continue to make Nixon the godfather of the political mafia when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the kingpins of political  malfeasance?

Mike Pence was correct to call Hillary Clinton out on her unethical and sinister behavior.  She is the epitome of an unethical and fallacious villain. But Mike needs to put Richard Nixon back in his grave.  There is no need to resurrect the president that the Democrats love to hate when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are alive and kicking.  It’s “Hammertime,” Mike, and the hammer needs to come down on the Democrats.  It’s time to pound away on Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  There ain’t no corruption like Democrat corruption.


  1. Nixon was a saint compared to Obama and the Clinton Crime Family. The Watergate ‘scandal’, and the coverup, would have been brushed off by the media as nothing had Nixon been a Dim. The Dim machine has the protection of the Obama Justice Department, and any crime committed is swept under the rug. 😡

  2. Great article Judy, I couldn’t agree more. With all his faults, on his worst day, Nixon was never a bad as the plethora of democrats that have followed him.

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