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It should be no surprise to anyone that Barack Obama has publicly defended Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem before the NFL football games.  In all honesty, I would not be startled to discover  at any given time that Obama himself was refusing to stand for the national anthem.  The nation’s first anti-American president would relish the opportunity to put one big finger in the national eye of Americans before he leaves office, assuming he does indeed leave office.  And what better way to do it than to snub the American Flag and the playing of the national anthem?  On second thought, there is another way to do it, such as giving a nuclear weapon to Iran.  But that’s a different issue for a different day.

Obama stated that Kaepernick is simply exercising his constitutional rights.  How convenient is that?  Obama and his team of left-wing revolutionaries have absolutely no use for the United States Constitution, but they are always the first ones to invoke their constitutional rights when they assert their anti-American rhetoric.  The “useful idiots” on the left deserve an A+ for hypocrisy.  When it comes to double standards, the Left does double duty.  They abhor the constitution, but they demand their privilege of  First Amendment protection when they insult the men and women who have sacrificed so that they may live in freedom.

Without suggesting that Kaepernick was disrespectful to the men and women in uniform, Obama praised him for bringing attention to a problem and being part of the process.  “My understanding at least is that he’s exercising his constitutional rights to make a statement,” Obama stated.  “If nothing else what he’s done is he’s generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about.”   And I say to Obama, “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, and  YADA, YADA, YADA!  For almost eight years you have had your conversation, Buster, and right-thinking Americans are talked out.  The only topic that needs talked about is “how soon can you get your bags packed and get the hell out of the White House,” and “Can you please take those damnable Clintons with you?”

The controversy surrounding Colin “I’m a victim” Kaepernick was never about Kaepernick’s right to sit during the national anthem.  There is no petition to force the disrespectful quarterback to follow decorum and honor those who fought and died for our country.  There is no “Make Colin Kaepernick stand for the national anthem”  movement gathering within conservative circles.  The dispute is merely vocal outrage for a man who has so much and who is so ungrateful for the opportunities provided to him by fighting American men and women….men and women who fight on the battlefield with weaponry and not on the football field with pigskin.

Obama praises Kaepernick for being a part of a process.  Oh yes, he is a part of a process, the process being the step by step dismantlement of the United States by dishonoring the hallowed traditions of a nation.  He is a part of a very craftily orchestrated implementation of sacrilege designed to tear down what is good by invoking complaints of imperfection.  Colin Kaepernick is definitely a spoke in the progressive wheel which is rolling to perdition.

As Obama contrives his hapless defense of the underprivileged and poverty-stricken Colin Kaepernick,  he might be unaware that the totally innocent and social conscientious Kaepernick sports a pair of socks emblazoned with pigs wearing cops hats.   In fact, he wears them at practice.  If Obama knew, I  have no doubt he would be mortified. Oh yeah, just mortified.  Or just maybe, Obama has a matching pair.

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