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Conservative commentator Mark Levin, or “The Great One” as he is often called, is biting the legendary bullet and casting his November vote for Donald Trump.  Levin announced to his audience last night that he has come to the realization that voting for Trump is the only prudent and pragmatic choice.   Unlike Sean Hannity, who worships at the altar of Trump, and Glenn Beck, who envisions horns sprouting from Trump’s head, Mark Levin is making a solid and mature case for his decision to support Trump.

The media is calling Levin’s decision to vote for Trump a dramatic flip-flop.  After all, Levin, who is an unapologetic supporter of Ted Cruz, lays out his case nightly for his skepticism concerning a Trump presidency.  He agrees that Trump embraces “some” conservative policies, but he hammers home that Trump is not a conservative nor is he a reliable candidate.  And Levin’s skepticism is warranted considering much of Trump’s outrageous behaviors.  Indeed, Levin did repeat his disclaimers that “Trump is not reliable.”

Mark Levin undoubtedly believes that Donald Trump does not hold true to the conservative principles which are the bedrock of the nation’s exceptionalism.  He does, however, applaud Trump for his positions on immigration, his law enforcement plan, his tax plan, and foreign policy.  If Trump is true to his word and follows through with the conservative positions he has promised, we can reverse the course of this nation in distress.  But Levin stresses that Trump is unreliable.  And it is this quality that The Donald has displayed time and time again that has caused Mark Levin to take pause and to delay an official endorsement of the Republican candidate.  Trump is fickle in every which way.

In the midst of the heated rhetoric and Republican primary, during the time when Trump was impaling Cruz with his inexcusable attacks of nastiness, Mark Levin denounced Trump and repudiated his tactics and his incivility.  Levin, like so many of us, was outraged that Trump chose to unleash such despicable attacks on one of his own Republican brethren.  Trump’s underhanded approach to his campaign offensive went past the point of aggression into the realm of brutality.  And this ruthlessness left a bad taste in my mouth as it did Levin’s and millions of other Republicans.  Like Levin, I was enraged.  So, why wouldn’t we disengage from the Trump campaign?

When Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, I looked for an alternative candidate outside of the Republican Party.  I did not want to be forced into a position of voting for Donald Trump, but I knew that voting for Hillary Clinton would never be an option.  The political environment has been so volatile that the country has been in a state of seismic upheaval.  With approximately six months remaining before the election and two undesirable candidates representing the two major parties, I watched to see if another candidate would arise from the ashes to take on the Establishment.  But when one didn’t, I began resigning myself to the reality that my choices would be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  At least those would be my choices if I wanted my vote to matter in regards to choosing the president.  A vote for any other candidate will be merely a gesture of symbolism.

Mark Levin has resigned himself to the same “truth of the matter” that I succumbed to.  We will have a President Donald Trump or a President Hillary Clinton.  Like it or not, those are the choices if you want to do more than to “feel good” about your vote.  Levin is focusing on Trump’s positives and claiming “no responsibility” for his negatives and any future outbursts.  Levin knows what I and millions of other Republicans know….WE CANNOT ALLOW HILLARY CLINTON TO TAKE THE WHITE HOUSE!   It’s not a complicated concept.  It’s simple.  Trump is not the ideal choice, but Hillary Clinton will complete Barack Obama’s transformation.

Mark Levin has not flip-flopped.  He holds the same opinion of Donald Trump that he did four months ago.  He has merely reconciled himself to the inevitability of being part of the process which will either elect a President Hillary Clinton or a President Donald Trump, and to Levin, like many of us, President Hillary is apocalyptic.  He waited for a knight on a white horse that didn’t show up.

With only two months left until the election of our lifetime, many Republicans who vowed to never vote for Donald Trump are reconsidering.  The stakes are too high to not think long and hard about the perils of a Clinton presidency.  Is Donald Trump a great conservative candidate? Absolutely not!  But when your back is against the wall, you don’t throw up your hands and cry.  You fight with the army you have!  Donald Trump is what we have.  We fight with him or surrender to Hillary Clinton.  I know it, and so does Mark Levin!  We choose to fight with the army we have!


  1. It took me some time, to grasp the situation. But, realizing the outcome of a Hillary victory, would double our liberal federal judges, and stack the Supreme Court against us, then it became clear, I would need to choose a side…I’m now in the Trump camp!

  2. I liked Trump, then he began to disgust me. Then when he was the obvious choice of the Republican Party, or what’s left of it, I again took up his cause because four more years of the same old 💩 will be the end of this country.

  3. I want to shout at you for folding, for giving in to that which does not even come close to following our values or adhering to the Constitution. But that would be hypocritical on my part, as I have reluctantly come to the same conclusion. I truly hate that we have come to this, but we must sometimes do things that go against every fiber within us. God help us.

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