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Have you had enough, Americans?  And I’m not alluding to people who hold claim to American citizenship.  I am specifically referring to Americans who pledge allegiance to the United States….Americans who understand the blessings that they have been so fortunate as to have been granted by virtue of living in America………Americans who recognize liberty………..Americans who understand that while not perfect, their country is exceptional in the freedoms and opportunities it  has provided for its citizenry.  Are you ready to make actual sacrifices such as boycotting the entertainment industry, retail stores, and yes, even your favorited professional sports team?

Conservatives have long talked a good game, but when it comes to sacrifice, few are willing to forgo their utmost pleasures in the name of sacrifice.  But money is the driving force behind every industry, and boycotts work.  Target lost billions of dollars after adopting a policy of allowing men in women’s restrooms.  And suddenly, after being bitten in the wallet, Target decided to make single stall restrooms.  If conservatives want change, they must use the power of the purse to obtain those changes.  Sacrifice is imperative.

And this brings me to the latest group of privileged, wealthy, self-gratifying liberals who intend to disrespect the American people, law enforcement, our military, and our way of life, all the while raking in our dollars as they make their millions off of nothing more than playing ball.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Seattle Seahawks have decided to disrespect our national anthem and Old Glory by kneeling during Sunday’s pregame show.   Not one player…not two players….but the entire team are planning to shun the nation which has lifted them to the heights where dreams are made.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner said yesterday that the team wants to show unity in order to promote justice and equality for all Americans.  “Anything that we want to do, it’s not going to be individual,” Wagner said.  “It’s going to be a team thing because that’s what the world wants to see.”  Really, Mr. Wagner?  Do you really think that the world gives a flying flip as to what the Seattle Seahawks think?  Your arrogance and self-importance are beyond the ignorance that you so haughtily display.

Are there no individual thinkers on the Seattle Seahawks?  Has the entire team succumbed to the nonsense of political correctness?  But most importantly, will conservative Americans let them get by with this slight to our country, our way of life, our fighting forces, our men and women in blue, and our dead heroes and heroines?  Will conservatives continue to patronize the Seahawks at the ticket office and on the big screen while the Seahawks insult everything dear to this nation of patriots?

American sports, especially football, is the sacred cow.  And unfortunately for the one true God, athletes are idolized and paid an ungodly amount of money for entertainment purposes.  Is there anything that a football team can do to turn the American people away from them?  The Seattle Seahawks is planning to officially give the middle finger to the American people.  Do the Americans love their football more than their country?   Probably!

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