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Speaking in Pennsylvania at a Hillary rally today, former president and accused rapist Bill Clinton had some mighty tough words for the people of my state, West Virginia, and for the people of eastern Kentucky as well.  Referring to us as “coal people,” Slick Willy belittled us for opposing Hillary.  “We all know her opponent has done real well down in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky, because the “coal people” don’t like any of us anymore. They blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning.”

Stumping in Tampa earlier this week, Clinton complained that while visiting West Virginia, the “coal people” were wearing Trump shirts and screaming at him.  And just what did the multi-millionaire and playboy think was going to happen when he walked into a poverty-stricken state which had just had its primary resource regulated into near extinction thanks to the Democrat Party and Barack Obama?  After losing tens of thousands of coal mining and coal mining-related jobs, did he think that he would be welcomed into the state that his wife has plans of continuing to rape with mining regulations?

Bubba’s disdain for the “coal people” reveals his elitism, his total disconnect with middle class America.  He is the paradigm of Washington corruption, and the poster boy for self aggrandizement, yet he mocks hard-working Americans who literally “work” for their living.  The man who makes an average of $248,000 dollars per speech spurns the peasants who make a tawdry fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year by working on their bellies.   And he cheerfully attempts to shame them with the derisive name of “coal people.”  To Bill Clinton, the “coal people” are the bottom feeders of the food chain.

Willy the Weasel argues that the “coal people” should realize that the coal industry is dying and that it is time to focus on solar panels and windmills.  The coal industry is dying, because the Democrats, under the leadership of Barack Obama, are killing it with the  assistance of the Environmental Protection Agency and thousands of devastating regulations.   The coal industry is not dying a natural death.  It is the victim of ongoing federal homicide.  And Willy’s argument that we must focus on windmills and solar panels has already been exposed.  The expense and logistics of windmills and solar panels debunks Clinton’s phony assertions.  And why would any healthy society destroy any one means of energy without having a completed industry of another source to employ?

Bill “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” Clinton shames the “coal people” as “subterranean creatures who live among the earthworms up in them thar hills of West “By God” Virginia.”    He envisions mountain dwellers, banjos, barefoot pregnant women, and the movie “Deliverance.”

Back in the day, back in the 1970s, there was a television program called “Land of the Lost.”   The characters fell through a rift in time and discovered themselves in a land of dinosaurs and “Sleestacks,” which were reptilian creatures.  Let’s not forget the “Mole People” who lived within the earth or the “Swamp People” who bore out their existence in the swamplands.   And now thanks to the intern slayer, we have a new group of sub-human varmints.  They walk.  They talk.  And they crawl in the mines on their bellies like a reptile.  They are the “COAL PEOPLE.”


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