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While scrolling through the news this week, I became repulsed by a picture of a transgender man breastfeeding a baby. And for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the sex of a transgender man, I will clarify that it is a biological female with female DNA, female anatomy (unless of course she has a mastectomy and a cosmetically constructed penis), and female hormones. The woman is treated with male hormones to increase her growth of facial and body hair as well as to control other physical features such as deepening of the voice.  Specifically, a transgender man is a woman who has altered her body with cosmetic surgery or hormones in effort to meet her fantasy that she is a man.  It’s that simple.

I should have written that Evan, the transgender man was ‘chestfeeding,’ not breastfeeding,  the baby.  ‘Chestfeeding’ is the politically correct term for transgender men who breastfeed.  And I will refer to the transgender man as ‘she,’ because no amount of wishing, surgeries, or medication can convert a woman into a man or vice versa.  She had her bountiful breasts exposed while she was feeding the baby.  From all appearances, other than her mammary glands, she was a male, covered with facial and yes, even shoulder and chest hair.  I apologize for the distasteful image, but without it, I cannot convey the significance of this transgender man’s body transformation.

The writer who shared the story of Evan, the transgender man who had ‘miraculously’ born a baby boy,  declared that Evan’s pregnancy is proof that we live in an amazing world.  Amazing?  No!  Twisted? Yes!  There is nothing miraculous about a woman, who has her reproductive organs intact and healthy, giving birth to a baby.  Whether she has a deep voice, excessive hair on her body, and goes by the name of Tom, Dick, or Harry, she is physically capable of giving birth to a child.  In Evan’s case, she was taken off her male hormones for the duration of the pregnancy.  The omission of the male hormones was crucial throughout the span of the pregnancy, because the pregnancy would have been compromised, and the fetus would have been damaged or the mother would have spontaneously aborted. If male hormones are a threat to a full term pregnancy and the health of a fetus, then it cannot, under any conditions, be scientifically possible for a man to have a baby.

And while the LBGT community does cartwheels as they try to convince “thinking” Americans that men can be women, women can be men, and men can have babies, it needs to be noted that transgender men who have their female reproductive organs and get pregnant, have emotional issues as they return to physical femininity through the exclusion of their male hormones.  They become depressed as their male traits begin to fade.  Why?  Because being a transgender man is nothing more than an emotional denial of reality.

The reality of Evan and her pregnancy is this: 1) Evan is a female who wanted to be a male 2) She began taking male hormones so that she would feel manly 3) She also wanted to have a baby which is physically impossible for a man 4)  She went off her male hormones and became pregnant 5) Evan had a baby, because she is a woman.  It’s as uncomplicated as the birds and the bees.  6) Evan’s pregnancy was amazing, because EVERY pregnancy is amazing.  Aside from her abundance of hormone-induced body hair,  her shaved head, and some obvious mental issues, Evan’s pregnancy was ordinary.

After finding the revolting picture of Evan ‘chestfeeding’ her son, I unfortunately stumbled upon a story in which Brown University is now supplying the male bathrooms with tampons and women’s hygiene products.  And I find it to be inexcusable for academia to continue to exploit psychologically disturbed people and their sexual identity confusion.  Feeding the fantasy of a transgender person is tantamount to alleviating pneumonia with a cough drop and refusing the patient an antibiotic.  The problem is allowed to fester when medical care is available.  It is inhumane to withhold psychological help to those people who suffer from delusional thinking.

Too many Americans refuse to speak out about the deviancy of transgenderism.  Whether it’s Bruce Jenner or Evan, “true” transgenders are living with an emotional illness.  The problem is with their thinking, not with their bodies.  We deny these people the proper consideration for their issues, because we are afraid that we will be viewed as bigots or homophobes or hateful.  But until this problem is properly identified, we are callous and uncompassionate to allow society to deceive these mentally disoriented individuals.  Americans must stop propagating the lie of transgenderism.



  1. There have always been people like this among us, but they used to stay confined to the circus as the freaks that they are. Even the left will eventually come to the reality that it may have been a mistake to knock down the walls of the asylum and let the freaks out to roam freely.

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