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September 11, 2016 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks in which the United States experienced 102 minutes of a foreign assault on the mainland.  Like the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, 9-11 is “a date which will live in infamy”.  It was the day that all Americans reached out to their friends and family members and pulled them near.  It was the day that we huddled as a nation and cried for the nearly 3000 people who had died in the attacks and their families.  It was the day that both Democrats and Republicans pulled together for the sake of the republic. We gave our money, our blood, our time, our services, and even our tears as we united for what may have been the last time in the country’s history where the left and right have consolidated.

September 11, 2016 was the juncture where “alert” Americans realized that radical Islam is a threat to the survival of the United States and the western world.   I highlight the adjective “alert” as unfortunately, too many Americans were then and still are clueless as to the perils and agenda of the extreme Islamic world.  Whereas the Muslim countries of the world celebrated the attacks in their streets,  despicable Americans justified these attacks with the politically correct notion that the terrorists were simply angry that Americans were meddling in the Middle East.

But did the 9-11 onslaught really change the mindset of the American people?  Did the average American reconcile himself to the new dangers of the post 9-11 brave new world?  Were most Americans really affected by 9-11?  I cringe as I admit this, but truthfully, many people find catastrophe to be a time of entertainment.  They cannot get enough of the images which surround the devastation of a disaster.  I’m not sure if it breaks the boredom in what many  find to be a dull and listless life, or we just have too many insensitive people.  Either way, too many individuals are passionate and compassionate for a brief period.  And when the aftermath becomes monotonous, they move on to another attention attraction.

During the past few days as we have approached this fifteenth anniversary of 9-11, I have read the comments and commentaries of many Americans who are recalling the events of fifteen years ago.  So many of them refer to the changes that 9-11 brought about. While I don’t disagree that there were some changes, which were, by the way, nothing more than acts of futility and nonsense, I have to acknowledge that the threats of Islamic terror were increased and whitewashed.  After the horrific experience of 9-11, the American people were still oblivious to the Islamic enemy.  And much of that disregard falls squarely on the politically correct shoulders of a federal government heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is true that following 9-11, we were cast into wars as we searched for Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda.  And even this pursuit of Bin Laden seemed to be more of a wild goose chase than it did a serious manhunt.  My gosh, it took 11 years of investigation for a superpower such as America to track down this murderous villain.  Considering the available technology and the expertise of our CIA, how in the world could this two-bit deranged terrorists elude the expertise of the most proficient intelligence agencies in the world?  It would seem that following 9-11, our intelligence personnel resembled the Apple Dumpling Gang.

Seven years after 9-11 the American people were so unconcerned about the events of 9-11 and the threats of radical Islam, that they elected a man, who was virtually an unknown person to most Americans, by the name of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office of the land.  Either the memory bank of those people who voted for Obama was the size of a thimble, or they had suppressed the facts of 9-11.  But those Americans, who had paid attention and did remember,  warned the American voters with the details of Barack Obama’s Marxist and Muslim background.  We shouted it from rooftops, but nobody was home to hear.

Fifteen years after 9-11, our federal government will not even utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”  Reports of Muslims in America committing acts of terror are either hidden from public view or misreported so as to soften the image of the Muslim community.  Barack Obama is surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.  Muslims are implementing Sharia Law in their own communities, while our law enforcement is forbidden to enter these “no-go” neighborhoods.  Non-Muslim Americans are being sued by Muslims for becoming rightfully concerned about what appears to be terrorist activity.

In the case of the Boston Marathon bombings by the Muslim Tsarnev brothers, the CIA and FBI were both warned by international intelligence agencies that the brothers were involved in nefarious and terrorist activities.  And yet, our leaders were so reckless or so indifferent to the security of Americans, that they ignored the warnings.  Since 9-11, particularly after Obama took office, Muslim Americans and Muslim migrants have become a protected class.  Rather than the United States government to protect the national security of all Americans, they extend an open invitation to Islamic terrorists to enter the country and wait patiently for the assemblage of the world caliphate.

Sadly, 9-11 was just an unfortunate event which resulted in momentary solace to a grieving nation.  It was not the wakeup call to present-day Americans that Pearl Harbor was to the Americans of 1941.  September 11, 2016 was the wasted opportunity for Americans to view the Islamic threat with their eyes wide open.  They fluttered their eyes for a moment, and went right back to sleep.

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