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The decline of America began over a century ago with the progressive movement. Great leaders like Ronald Reagan fought against the powers which advanced the anti-American agenda, but there were not enough men like him to prevent it. There were three pivotal points in the plunge which accelerated our demise. 1)The first was Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal which rooted socialism into the nation’s fabric. 2) The second was the removal of prayer from school which marked a decline in the family and essential spiritual faith to preserve a country. 3) And the final curtain call came when Bill Clinton said “I did not have sex with that woman.”

When Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in 1992, I became physically ill as the election returns were broadcasted, and it became evident that Clinton and a corrupt media had fooled most of the people. I knew at that moment that the country had reached that point of no return. They had bought into the persona of a man who had “charlatan” stamped onto his forehead. But when the general public ignored the significance of Clinton’s adulterous affairs while in the White House, the country fell. We had a national discussion, and I remember that conversation well. “DOES CHARACTER MATTER,” and the people gave a resounding “NO!” The American people did not care that they had a leader who personified insincerity, arrogance, disloyalty, dishonesty, phoniness, narcissism, manipulation, etc. Morality no longer mattered to Americans

When asked if she did not find Bill Clinton’s sexual infidelities to be disgusting and revolting for a sitting United States President, I heard a woman say, “I am just sorry that I could not have been one of those women.” That said it all.¬† And while our morality and spiritual faith had declined since prayer was removed from schools, it literally tanked with Bill Clinton. Church attendance bottomed out. God was censored in society, and Americans became infatuated with idolatry. Celebrity worship replaced the praise for the Heavenly Father.

Americans began putting their trust in things and disregarded truth. Rather than to focus on leading righteous lives we fixated upon our 401ks, our prestigious careers, our rights as women instead of our responsibilities as mothers, our sex lives, our social status, our 5 bathroom mansions, our pornography, and the list continues.  Americans were too spoiled to appreciate their liberties. We became overindulged children searching for the next cruise, the bigger home, and the gravy train. We traded natural sex for unnatural sex. As the politically correct activists took control of our lives, parental authority was diminished, and we never even questioned our incremental loss of liberties. We were mind-boggling stupid.

What we are experiencing now is nothing more than the fallout, the debris of a fallen nation……..a corrupted government, a diseased educational system, ungodly churches, a broken judicial system, a collapsing economy, a tattered and torn Constitution, a Sodom and Gomorrah social culture, a mentally unstable populace, and an ignorant¬†society so dumbed down that they don’t even understand what happened.

WE FELL, PEOPLE! WE ALREADY FELL!…….Right now we are in a period of waiting. When does the cleanup begin, and who cleans us up. Can it even be cleaned up? Who brings about the final judgment. God makes the judgment, but someone else will bring it to us. And we wait for that someone!

There is a cycle which every democracy goes through, and we are about to complete that cycle. From BONDAGE to SPIRITUAL FAITH to COURAGE to LIBERTY to ABUNDANCE to SELFISHNESS to COMPLACENCY to APATHY to DEPENDENCE and back to BONDAGE. I believe we are in the stage of Dependency. We have passed the stage of apathy where people are completely indifferent. We are now completely dependent on our government. Our lives and futures lie with the decisions of a corrupted leadership………We are headed back to BONDAGE when the debris is cleared.


  1. Your best post yet! Sadly, you are spot on. The only thing I would add is that I believe Woodrow Wilson’s administration was a major milestone in our decline because he brought us the First World War, the League of Nations, and the mandatory federal income tax system. In doing so, he ushered in globalism in place of national defense, compromised our national sovereignty, and launched the rise of big centralized government on the confiscated wealth of individuals, somehow convincing Americans that the wealthy “owed” over 70% to the government. (Yes 70% is not a typo.) Woodrow Wilson was our first socialist president.
    I, too, felt ill when Clinton was elected, and I felt sicker still when we chose him twice. Same for Obama. Twice. As a people, we clearly either cannot see or do not care what truth is. But I felt similarly ill when Trump was chosen to represent what used to be the Conservative party that stood for God and Constitution. Over several godly options, Americans chose the loudest, angriest, most audacious voice to be the bully for “their” side for a change. We now have three liberal candidates and none who stand for God, for decency, for righteousness, or for individual responsibility.
    I’m afraid our indictment is complete before God. Mene, mene…

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