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“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and destroy our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Such were the words of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was not clairvoyant. He was just wise enough to understand that America’s threats were embedded within the network of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party was the party of slavery prior to the Civil War, and it has continued to promote slavery in the twenty-first century. The Democrat Party is the party of oppression and political shackles.

Our pathetic educational system has provided the perfect cover for the Democrat Party. Keeping the populace ignorant of the nation’s history, the educational bureaucracy has proliferated a society of simple-minded people who are oblivious as to what constitutes liberty and more importantly, how to defend the freedoms of which they are so richly blessed. American History is a vacuum in which Democrats have worked diligently to create so that they could rewrite the chronicles of history to suit their agenda of tyranny and subjugation.

The Democrats and their progressively elite leaders have mastered the use of behavior modification to persuade and instill a false account of our nation’s true history in the minds of Americans. They have worked overtime to promote emotional weakness within the minds of the people and to eradicate basic knowledge and critical thinking. Keeping We the People stupid is the primary objective of the Democrat Party, and thusfar, they have been successful.

Few Americans realize that the Republican Party was born with a primary purpose, and that purpose was to combat slavery and the party of slavery otherwise known as the Democrat Party. Few Americans understand that the Ku Klux Klan was a Democrat organization which persecuted but also tormented and harassed “white republicans,” because the white republicans wanted to abolish slavery.  Thanks to a complicit media, the Democrat Party has successfully distorted the facts of history and promoted itself as the liberator and defender of the black man and all minorities. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Because of America’s history of slavery as it has applied to African slaves, there is a fundamental lack of understanding as to the institution of slavery. A preponderance of the population associate slavery with blackness. They are clueless as to the interpretation of slavery. Slavery is a system, not a race. It is a structure in which principles of property law are applied to humans. The owner of the slave ( can you say federal government) is entitled to the productivity of the slave’s labor.

As a teacher, I found slavery to be one of the most frustrating concepts to teach. Inevitably, students had been conditioned to see slavery and blackness as synonymous. They perceived “slave” to mean “black person,” and thanks to the deterioration of critical thinking education, breaking through that barrier to convince students that color is irrelevant to the practice of slavery was a formidable challenge.

The Democrat Party has so distorted the truth surrounding our national heritage that it is not a wonder that so many Americans are illiterate in their awareness of how to preserve their liberties. The party of oppression and slavery has devised their deceptive methods for the purpose of altering the behavior and mindset of the people so that they accept the constraints put on them by the burgeoning federal government.

While the Democrat Party continues to enslave the black man with it’s agenda of government dependency directed to not only blacks, but other minorities, it is now reaching out to enslave all Americans. Whether it ensnares Americans in an endless cycle of entitlement handouts or confiscates the money of hard-working Americans, it has enslaved us all and simultaneously stripped us of our freedoms. And to ensure this pattern of slavery, the Democrats will systematically chisel away at our basic liberties as outlined in the Bill of Rights.

And to think, I grew up believing that our enemy was Nikita Kruschev and the Russians, and all long I really could see my enemy from my back porch. It was and is the Democrat Party.

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