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I have written innumerable posts regarding the European sexual assault crisis, in particularly the urgency of the rape culture in Sweden. When twenty-five percent of a country’s female population is projected to be a rape victim, we have officially identified the location for the gates of hell.

The mushrooming disaster of sexual assault, brought on by the migrant Muslims, is not only out of control, but the solutions being implemented to control the dilemma are as repugnant as the assaults themselves. Swedish authorities have implemented a program which incorporates sheer stupidity and political correctness. Asking the women of the country to wear wristbands which read, “Do Not Touch Me” reflects the lack of concern that the nation’s leaders have for the security of their women.

But the madness only gets worse. Left-wing Swedish leaders are now drawing a distinction between Swedish men who rape and the Muslim migrants who commit sexual crimes. Barbro Sorman, a left-wing politician, is now wanting to justify assaults by Muslim migrants as less offensive than ones by national Swedes. According to this braindead woman, Swedish men should know better than to rape as they were raised in a culture of gender equality. But Muslim men were born to a culture where women were not treated well, so it is unfair to expect these Islamic migrants to hold to the same standards in regards to sexual assaults against the inferior gender of their culture. Sorman believes the bar should not be set as high for migrants who rape.

Perhaps Barbro Sorman would like to attend a gathering with a group of Muslim immigrant men who were having their so-called “sexual emergencies.”  I, for one, think that Ms. Sorman should walk this walk and prove to all Swedish women that sexual assault is not the nightmare that they envision. How about it, Barbro.  Show us how it’s done!

Sweden is the rape capital of the world, thanks to their Marxist values and the influx of migrants. Women in Sweden hesitate in reporting sex crimes perpetrated against them out of fear of “offending” the Muslim perpetrator. The Swedish government, in its efforts to protect the Muslim population, is now identifying Muslim sex criminals as simply “Swedes.” Conservatives in Sweden, which are about as rare as albino bald eagles in America, are charged with hate crimes for drawing attention to the problem.

I mistakenly thought the gates of hell were located specifically in the Middle East. But now I know that there is another portal to the fire and brimstone of the underworld situated in the Riksdag, the Swedish House of Parliament. And it beckons to the women who are the soon-to-be-victims of Muslim migrants. Welcome to hell!

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