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Rush Limbaugh offered his belated opinion of the November presidential ballot this past week as he analyzed Ivanka Trump’s family leave policy.  “Can someone point to me the conservative candidate on the ballot?” he asked.  Really, Rush?  Really?  I realize that I am not as brilliant as the man who boasts his intellectual prowess with half his brain tied behind his back.  I struggle daily and readily admit that I must use my entire brain to interpret the games the elite play, but I figured out long ago that conservatism was not at play in this presidential race.  The difference between me and Rush is that I wrote about it, and Rush laughed about it.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh thought that Donald Trump’s candidacy was a real kick in the ass to the GOP establishment and to the left-wing media.  I will concede that at one juncture in the primary process Limbaugh did point out that Ted Cruz was the only “true” conservative in the race.  But that one “look over there” moment was brief as the king of talk radio immediately made his way back to Donald Land.  And why would he do that?  Because Donald Trump is entertaining.  Rarely a day goes by that Trump doesn’t give his supporters and the media a great big ole slab of red meat to chew on.  Hey, I admit it.  I enjoy the show myself.  Nothing breaks the monotony of the transgender/ Islamic terrorism/ economic collapse/ illegal immigrant/ Sharia Law/ Christian-bashing/ social justice/ Black Lives Matter/ cop-killing/ Colin Kaepernick drama than Donald Trump taking to the podium with a smashing performance.

During his monologue, Rush often asks himself a rhetorical question and answers the inquiry.   “What do you mean, Rush?  Are you saying that Trump is not a conservative,”  he asked.  “Damn right I am!” he responded to his self-imposed question. “Folks, when did I ever say that he was?  Look, I don’t know how to tell you this.  Conservatism lost in the primary if that’s how you want to look at it.  We had Cruz. We had Rubio.  I wish conservatism was on the ballot.”

Well, how about them apples, and what a load of bull fecal matter!  After spending hour after hour, subtly, if not boldly, encouraging his listeners to embrace Trump, Rush now admits that he wishes Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio had been the GOP candidate.  Am I suppose to believe that?  Considering that Rush was more interested in poking the left with Trump’s outrageousness than he was promoting the importance of a conservative candidate, I must state that Rush isn’t being truthful here or somewhere.

But after the socialistic family leave plan that Trump’s daughter rolled out, Rush must be struggling for some credible footing.  A little back-peddling by King Rush is to be expected.  Geez Louise, Rush, didn’t you see this coming?  I realize Trump is your golf buddy, but you do still have your reputation to consider.

After decades of listening to Rush Limbaugh, I turned him off literally when he became more interested in using Donald Trump to impale the left-wing and right-wing establishments than he wanted conservatism.  Rush is the man who has repeatedly said that the GOP will not win another election without a conservative candidate.  And while I am not so sure that he is right on that assumption, I do know that he belied his own words.  He betrayed his listeners by presenting himself to be a man of honor and integrity by pushing an agenda only to turn around this week and say, “I wish conservatism was on the ballot.”

Well, conservatism is not on the ballot, Rush.  And you are one of the driving forces behind the initiative to keep it off of the ballot.  You, Rush Limbaugh, with your wide-reaching influence chose to pleasure yourself with Donald Trump’s finger-in-the-eye to the establishment at the expense of Republicans restoring the United States Constitution with a conservative constitutional candidate.  And now you have the arrogant gall to bemoan the absence of a conservative candidate for president.  Do I daresay that perhaps the Great Rush Limbaugh needs to begin using all of his brain and unleash the half he ties behind his back?

I will most likely bite the bullet and vote for Trump.  But it will be nothing more than a vote against Hillary Clinton.  It will be a vote for progressive lite versus full-fledged communism.  But had Rush Limbaugh not been more interested in his own personal vendetta against the establishment via the cyclone known as Donald Trump, we might have been looking at a conservative candidate, not a candidate who supports transgenders in women’s restrooms.

You wish conservatism was on November’s ballot, Rush?  After you were the ticket master and the conductor for the Trump Train?   Sorry, but I don’t trust a word you say!

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  1. I feel certain that Rush won’t be the only one to grouse about the Republican candidate in the next few months, pretending that they had no hand in getting the Golden Haired Boy Wonder to the top in the primaries. At some point, I imagine we will all look back on this period in time and change the way we see things.

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