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Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s very own house gay conservative, is a force to be reckoned with.  I like Milo.  I don’t like Milo.  I have praised him.  And I have criticized him.  He is indeed a complicated character. He capitalizes on being outrageous and flamboyant, and he leads a “gays for Trump” coalition.  Milo loves Donald Trump, so much so that he refers to Trump as “Daddy.”

Without question Yiannopoulos, whose pen and public name is merely, “Milo,” is a bright young man.  He has invented himself and given birth to his own fan club while managing to put his in- your- face homosexuality in the national spotlight.  At the same time, he has injected himself into the alt-right movement as a gay conservative.  Milo is a human oxymoron.

I am not a fan of Milo’s ostentatious persona.  He flourishes with negative attention from the Left, and at the same time he is fussy about his appearance.  Flaunting a new hairstyle and/or hair color ever day, Milo showcases atypical boldness and brilliance.  I don’t care for Milo’s style, but I adore his spirit.  Milo loves life despite his unconventional lifestyle.

Without question, the trait that I most admire in Milo is his willingness to fight.  He understands that conservatives and Americans on the right must push back against the Left, and he pushes back hard.

While speaking at the University of Houston yesterday, Milo cast off any pretense of decorum and shut down a left-wing protester, and he did it masterfully.  When a woman protester was standing in front of his stage shouting at him as he was speaking, he very bluntly stated, “Madam, I’m grateful to you for coming, but to be quite honest with you, fu*k your feelings!”  And with these words, he pointed at the exit. Bravo, Milo!  Bravo!

Frankly, I am not fond of the “f” word.  I am old school, and I find it to be an unnecessary attempt to shock, but in times such as these, I can live with it.  And sometimes unsavory words are the only language that are effective.  “I’m sorry, Darling.  This is the Milo Show.  It’s time for you to go.”  In reality, wherever you find Milo, you find the Milo Show.

Milo’s rude gesture and vulgar words may have been gratuitous, but they were definitive and accurate.  The Left has nothing to offer Americans except “feelings.”  The liberal argument is one that ignores facts and logic.  Liberals advance their cause through emotional rhetoric.  Just like the woman who believed that it was within her rights to stand before a stage and harass the speaker, liberals have no sense of consideration for legitimate conversation about substantive issues.

Like Milo and millions of other conservatives, I, for one, am tired of the emotional display that liberals perceive as debate.  It never fails that debate with a liberal always concludes with the conservative being a bigot, racist, hate-monger, homophobe, Islamaphobe, etc.   Emotions in the face of valid and concrete facts, in addition to objective and rational thought, are anemic.  But a liberal will never concede defeat in a debate, because he will complicate the dispute with his feelings and name-calling.

The United States of America is in a downward spiral, because liberal Americans focused on their politically correct feelings rather than cold hard reality.  Bleeding heart liberals are rendering the country bloodless with their embrace of emotional perception rather than judicious thought.  When it comes to the survival of this nation, feelings are worthless.

“Feelings, whoa, whoa, whoa, Feelings!”   Sometimes cheap and tawdry speech is the only thing that liberals understand.  I may have used different wording, but I certainly agree with his sentiment.  In this case, “Thanks for coming, but fu*k your feelings” was entirely appropriate.

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