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Donald Trump has been climbing steadily in the polls after the changes in his campaign staffing.  Kellyanne  Conway and Stephen Bannon brought Trump’s campaign back to life after a his dismal showing just days after his nomination.  They must have a calming effect on The Donald as he became more focused and less combative after their hiring. Like him or not, it is beginning to look like the election is his to lose.

There is little left to be said about Hillary Clinton.  She is a chronic liar, a lawbreaker, a cold-hearted ambitious woman driven by an all-consuming thirst for power,  and a woman who will be known by history for her allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood, her emails, and her participation in the Benghazi coverup.  Clinton will be remembered as the woman who stood with Bill Clinton, for the sake of a political future,  while he humiliated her time after time with his sexcapades.  She has been driven for decades by her lust for the presidency.

I rarely write about Hillary as there is nothing new for discussion.  I am talked out about her.  The woman is wicked, and she will continue to fight for the presidency even if it means doing so on her deathbed.  And even if it means losing America to jihadists.  Her empathy for Islamic terrorists will most likely be her undoing.  She lacks the will to protect Americans from the dangers of the world.  She demands that the American people welcome millions of unvetted Muslim migrants, who act as a screen for terrorists entering the country.

Hillary’s denial of the national security threat of the Muslim world to the United States could very well be the catastrophic misstep which guarantees her downfall come November.  Americans are jittery as the terrorist attacks continue and as they are taunted with the threats of more to come.  She has followed Obama’s “see no evil within the Muslim community” and “speak no evil about the Muslim community.”   Americans are infuriated that these so-called leaders refuse to recognize or to call attention to the most obvious of our enemies.

Today Donald Trump took the opportunity to promote his national security plan during a campaign speech in Florida.  Pointing to radical Islam, he used a common sense approach to the defeat of this worldwide enemy.  Stating that a terrorist attack takes place every 84 hours somewhere around the globe, Trump highlighted the weakness of Clinton and Obama for their refusal to identify our enemies.  He also called out the “majority” of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq for believing  that honor killings of women should be permissible. And he added that these people are coming to America by the hundreds of thousands.  Trump said that Clinton wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees by 550% without screening or vetting them.  He accentuated her open borders policy and insisted that this woman who ignores the hatred, oppression, and violence of radical Islam does not have the moral clarity to be president.

Trump’s speech was presidential, but most importantly, it was reassuring to a nation who is ashamed of its present leadership and embarrassed in the eyes of the world.  The country that led the offensive against Hitler and Hirohito hides under the bed for the rock-throwing cave dwellers of radical Islam.  Under Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States took an ass-whipping in Benghazi only to stick their tales between their shivering legs and run.  And by God, we’re tired of it.

Donald Trump has many negatives in the arena of ideology, constitutional thought, and statesmanship.  But right now for this time in history, I believe that he will garner the votes of many people who find him undesirable, because he is going to offer the American people something that they have not had since Ronald Reagan.  He is willing to call the enemy “the enemy.”  Even George Bush insisted on referring to Islam as a “religion of peace.”  Stuff and nonsense, I say!

Trump appears to be galloping towards the finish line while Clinton stumbles.  His energy is endless and hers is tenuous.  The wind is behind his back.  But it is my anticipation that Trump will win this election because of his tough stance against illegal immigration and his willingness to fight radical Islam.  Americans want to combat radical Islam, not run from it. National security will seal the presidential deal for Trump.


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