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There has been some speculation that Ted Cruz is considering endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States.  Many of his supporters ascertain that the conservative Texas senator has refused to endorse Trump, because he will not put party over principle.  But recent events have possibly effected Cruz’s position.  Cruz’s campaign advisor, Jeff Roe, commented that Cruz likes some of what he has seen from Trump lately, and he is rethinking his position.  Cruz also told CNN that he is committed to defeating Hillary Clinton.  Any serious commitment to a triumph over Hillary Clinton would necessarily involve a win for Trump.

But I would like to revisit the assumption by many Cruz supporters that Cruz has not endorsed Trump as a matter of putting his principles over the party.  If only it were that simple.  Cruz’s rejection of Trump had nothing to do with ‘party over principle’.  It had everything to do with a horrible, nasty crusade against Cruz and his wife and father by the Trump campaign.  Cruz was spitting mad at Trump’s personal assault on his family, and he refused to endorse the man who was behind the attacks.

Cruz, undoubtedly, questioned Trump’s indifference to the United States Constitution and constitutional principles, but it was never about party loyalty, at least for Cruz.  As a Cruz supporter, I completely understood his defiance against Trump’s unsavory campaign strategy during the primary process.  His devotion to his wife was more important than his allegiance to any candidate.  But Cruz also had many supporters of his own who were rabid detractors of Trump.  He did not want to turncoat on them after their faithful and steadfast fidelity to his candidacy.  They were bitter about the vitriol whipped up by Trump’s crowd.

So, if the rumors, which suggest that Cruz will endorse Trump, are true, does it mean that Cruz is no longer a man of principle?  I’m sure most Never-Trumpers will cast shame upon Cruz for what they perceive as breaking with his own standards. He will become the Judas of the Never-Trump movement.  And many of his followers will seethe with incomprehensible anger.

I have been dissatisfied with Donald Trump.  I have never been on the Trump Train, but I will cast my vote for him as I ride behind the train on my own little handcar.  I will do what is necessary to defeat Hillary Clinton.  And that is to vote for Donald Trump.  Despite my many doubts concerning Trump’s inconsistencies or his progressive leanings, they are only misgivings.  Trump may or may not be the guy we need to turn the country around.  But there are no doubts about Hillary Clinton.  She will destroy us.

I would never suggest that NeverTrumpers vote for Donald Trump against their better judgement.  I can’t help but wonder why they would want to bother voting when their vote will not make a difference in the direction of the country, but to each his own. On the other hand, as a staunch conservative, I will vote for Trump, because my principles move me to stop Hillary Clinton from destroying this country.  I do believe in the lesser of two evils.  From my perception, Trump may not be the choir boy or the constitutionalist that I had hoped for, but he is not a member of the global elite.

Hillary Clinton is a malignant cancer.  She is a human tumor.  How can any vote against her be perceived as born from a lack of principle?  If anything, most Trump supporters are desperately seeking to stop the villainous Clinton before she destroys us all.  I have repeatedly written that in the end there will be two sides and only two sides.  It will be the left versus the right.   There will not be the left, the right, and the NeverTrumpers.    It will be the fight of our lifetime.  We will fight the good fight.  I stand on the right as shaky as it may be right now.

Ted Cruz knows that Hillary Clinton must be stopped.  And if the rumors are accurate, he will endorse Trump.  He knows that she is a far greater threat than Trump.  He won’t be selling out his principles by doing so.  He will be a standard bearer in the fight to stop Clinton.

NeverTrumpers do not have a monopoly on principles.  So, while they cast their stones at Trump supporters in the name of ‘standing on principle,’ they might try to refrain from the self-righteousness that seems to be creeping into their conversations.  They may indeed be ‘standing on principle,’  but those of us who are working tirelessly and relentlessly to stop Hillary Clinton definitely have the moral high ground.


  1. Exactly!! The next time I get a call from Cruz for donations to his Senate campaign, I’m going to tell them I’ll contribute when he supports the nominee trying to save us from Hillary Clinton!!!

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