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Today, Ted Cruz set aside his differences with Donald Trump and endorsed the Republican nominee.  He overlooked his personal disagreements with Trump and made a statement which should make his supporters proud, not disappointed.  But I have already read the comments of the NeverTrumpers who vow to turn their backs on Cruz.  So be it.

Cruz stated what most post-primary Trump supporters know.  Simply, “This election is like no other in our nation’s history.”  And despite all of his other reasons, we  know deep in our gut, that this election is the final curtain call for the United States.  In terms of saving this nation, our beloved republic, it’s now or never.  There will be no more moderate presidents.  We either take the pendulum, which has deflected so far to the left, and give it a hard shove to the right, or we watch the pendulum remain stationary, suspended in time by an imaginary hook on the left.  And once entangled, here it will stay for another hundred years, at the very least.

Cruz specified six key policies which have helped him come to his decision to endorse Trump.  The first and what he considers to be the most urgent is the selection of Supreme Court appointees.  Trump is promising to appoint judges in the likeness of Antonin Scalia.  The Bill of Rights hangs in the balance as we know that if Clinton wins, her appointments will be far left ideologues.  Allowing Clinton to win the presidency will jeopardize religious rights, free speech, gun rights, and our most cherished liberties.

Cruz’s second reason for endorsing Trump is Obamacare.  The Republicans are prepared to repeal Obamacare, and Trump has vowed to sign the legislation while Clinton will refuse to sign it.   The third reason is energy.  Clinton will continue Obama’s war on energy and coal, while Trump has promised to remove the regulations which are stifling coal production and energy-related jobs.

The fourth consideration for supporting Trump is immigration.  Cruz stated that Clinton will continue Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, and Trump will revoke the illegal executive orders.  Number five on the Cruz list is national security.  Clinton will continue down Obama’s path of endangering American lives by ignoring radical Islam and importing unvetted Middle Eastern refugees.  Trump has promised to stop this madness.

The sixth and last reason that Cruz is throwing his support behind Trump is internet freedom.  Obama is preparing to hand over the internet to the international community which includes Iran, Russia, and China.  Trump is vehemently against this plan.

Ted Cruz has his differences with Donald Trump, but he is a mature man.  He has noticed a more focused Trump, and from my perspective, a less combative Trump.  But most importantly, Ted Cruz understands that he must support anyone who stands against Hillary Clinton.  As he has written, Clinton is unfit for the presidency.  And as he acknowledges, the only person who can stop her is Donald Trump.

Cruz knows that Hillary Clinton is a far greater threat to the nation than any of his concerns about the temperament of Donald Trump.  I have no doubt that Ted Cruz does not like Donald.  I feel confident that he believes that Trump has many negatives and is not particularly a desirable candidate.  But he is looking at the alternative.  He is right back to square one…that square that so many NeverTrumpers mock.  Cruz will vote for the lesser of two evils.  And ‘no’, I am not saying that Trump is evil. It is merely an expression of comparison.

I have not been a NeverTrumper, but I have stood with those Trump detractors who were hoping that a serious alternative to Trump would surface.  To my dismay,  the only alternatives are not serious contenders, and I don’t care for them anyway. Trump has many undesirable traits from my point of view, but he also has some positive attributes in respect to policy. Hillary Clinton has none, zero, zilch, nada in regards to worthy traits, be they personal or political.

Elections are not about choosing a perfect candidate.  They are about choosing the person who can best lead the country.  Between Clinton and Trump, it’s a no-brainer.  Trump is that person.  Ted Cruz took the high road today. He swallowed his pride and told his supporters that the best thing for this country is to see Trump defeat Clinton.  The country is in crisis.  There is no time for squabbling within the GOP.  November 8th is “Showtime.”  Will it be the final curtain of this grand and glorious experiment known as The United States of America?


  1. I would have had much greater respect for Cruz had he made this come to Jesus decision at the convention….but….at least he did the right thing now….can’t be said about the bush’s and others…..

    • I understand your point, Donna. At the time of the convention Cruz acknowledged that he would vote for Trump. And I believe he planned on endorsing him all along. But Cruz had millions of ardent supporters who were so bitter toward Trump because of his treatment of Cruz during the primary that had Cruz endorsed him at that point, they would have felt betrayed by Cruz. Cruz needed for the political climate surrounding his controversy with Trump to cool down. Had he asked his supporters to turn around and vote for Trump in the midst of the vitriol that was occurring at the convention between the Cruz and Trump camps, he would have been seen as a traitor by his own people. After all, Cruz still has a political career. Understandably, he didn’t want to alienate his own constituents at that stage. I always knew that once most of Cruz fans got used to the idea that Trump was the nominee, they would come over. Because Cruz supporters are the most conservative of the Republicans, I suspected that once the left-wing media began their attacks on the GOP nominee, they would come to Trump’s defense. True conservatives are not going to sit out the election of a lifetime and give this election to Clinton. Cruz chose a very opportune time, 2 days before the first debate, to endorse Trump, giving Trump added wind to his sails. I believe that most of Cruz supporters will vote for Trump. The NeverTrumpers are stubborn and can’t get past their hatred for Trump to vote for him.

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