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The two-party system in Washington D.C. is nonexistent.  The Republican leadership began shifting towards a progressive philosophy soon after Ronald Reagan left office.  George H.W. Bush was progressive as was his son.  The Democrat Party had already adopted Fabian socialism and were embracing Marxist principles.  Gradually, the Progressives infiltrated the Republican Party, and the Republican Progressive Reformation began.  The Marxist Democrats and the budding Republican Progressives became the Washington Establishment.

The Democrat base had long ago conceded to the behavior modification that turned an otherwise educated populace into mindless vessels.  The Republican base refused to go where its party leaders dared to lead.  The Republican base, by and large, have adhered to Judeo-Christian principles and the United States Constitution.  They have found the progressive movement to be totally repugnant.  Unlike the Democrat base, they are in revolt of their party leadership ideology.

The tight knit comradeship of the Washington Establishment is probably most evident in the relationships of the Bush family and the Clintons.  While George H.W. Bush has always been held in high regard as a faithful family man, he developed an unusually close relationship with Bill Clinton, the president accused of rape and known for his Oval Office philanderings.  I can conceive of a professional respect for a former president, but choosing to socialize on a personal basis with a man of such poor character is beyond a mutual respect.

The alliance between the Bush family and the Clintons is, by admission of George W. Bush,  a familial bond.  Bush 43 boasted of having a brotherly connection to his predecessor, and when asked about Hillary, he replied that she was like his sister-in-law.  Yuck!  How creepy is that?  It is extremely difficult for me to wrap my mind around the notion that the Bush family could embrace a couple who are so devious and so power-hungry.  Unless, of course, I take into consideration that the Bush family itself is marinated in the same sense of power-seeking entitlement.

And Jeb Bush would be the ideal illustration of the Bush who had a sense of entitlement, so much so that he felt empowered by the Bush surname and his right to the presidency.  In a country of approximately 330 million citizens, the Bush family felt privileged in that father, son, and son should consume 16 years at the least and possibly 20 years within a span of 32-36 years as the Presidents of the United States.  Any family which believes itself to have the moral authority for such a massive procurement of power has taken a position on a very tall perch.

Jeb Bush awarded Hillary Clinton the Liberty Medal on the Eve of the First Anniversary of the Benghazi massacre.  This action in itself tells the story of the real Bush family connection with the Clintons and with the progressive global elite.

The Washington Post reported this week that George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton.  This action is as traitorous as Jimmy Carter’s love affair with Venezuelan Socialist President Hugo Chavez.  The late Chavez is directly responsible for the current social and economic collapse of Venezuela.  Voting for a woman who is unfit for humanity, much less the presidency, is a telltale sign of Bush’s own progressive motives.

Today I read about the close relationship of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama.  You read that right.  George W. Bush and Michelle Obama are close friends.  Pictures accompanied the article, and the pictures corroborated the report.  Now, this is the wife of the guy who has blamed George W. Bush for every one of his own failed policies.  In the Obama’s world, George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and Americans  died because of these lies.  Bush, feeling no need to protect the Republican Party, allowed the lies to stand without a pushback.  His silence was interpreted as guilt.  Thanks for the knife wound, George!

We have been witnessing a political show by the Establishment.  Joined at the hip, these families have kept the American ship afloat as they have moved her closer and closer to the global iceberg.


  1. This has been really difficult to watch as it all unfolded before our eyes. Like many others that chose to remain uninformed, thinking that the media was somehow keeping the politicians in check, I always held the Bush’s in high regard. I thought they were on OUR side, America’s side…and were adhering to the Constitution as they were sworn to do. Until very recently, the past few years, I still respected George W. Bush for his love of Country and deep respect and admiration for out military members, past and present. Well, now that we know how we got here, for the most part, the question is…How do we claw out way back?

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