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My name is JudyBeth Wagoner, and yes, I am a Cruz supporter.  I believe that Ted Cruz is brilliant and genuine.  He was the most conservative candidate in the presidential race, and had it not been for the political schemes of the Establishment, he would have won the primary.  He was the true anti-Establishment candidate.  But he didn’t win.  Donald Trump did.  And it didn’t make me happy.

So, what am I going to do?  Throw a fit?  Promise that I will not vote?  Stomp my feet and tell Trump supporters that I won’t help defeat Hillary Clinton, just so that I can make them sorry that they nominated Trump?  Do I throw myself under the bus, or worse, throw my country under the bus to punish the GOP for nominating  Trump?

Cruzbots are reportedly in a state of grief since Cruz has endorsed Trump.  They just can’t believe he would do it.  Glenn Beck, who has become a legend in his own mind, wrote on his facebook page that disappointment can’t even begin to describe how he feels about Cruz endorsing Trump.  Writing that it was a very sad day for him, he mused that maybe it is time for him to go to the mountains.  “Maybe so, Glenn.  Your time in the limelight appears to be fading.  You have had a glorious run, but you are obviously mentally exhausted and consumed with an irrational contempt for Trump.  You have contributed your powerful and remarkable voice to the conservative movement, but the seasons are changing for you.  Go home and be just plain Glenn Beck.”

One writer opined that Cruz has proven to be just another politician and not the knight in shining armor or defender of conservative principles.  What a crybaby!  While I believe Ted Cruz is a fine man of the utmost values, I have never assigned super-human qualities to him.  Even the most admirable of men have flaws, and while I don’t believe that his endorsing Trump is a flaw, I understand that those people who considered him unblemished are quite disillusioned.

When you put your leaders on pedestals, you are always going to become disenchanted.   Bandwagons, such as the Trump Train and the Cruzbot Mobile, are faulty methods for advocating political candidates.  People on bandwagons always resort to tunnel vision in regards to their candidate of choice.  They are blind to the reality of their favorite son, or they are uncompromising and unforgiving when their man breaks with what they believe to be gospel.    Trump supporters in the primary were unmoved by Trump’s egregious  and politically extreme behavior.   And now extreme Cruz supporters are shaming Cruz as a fraud for merely deciding that he should endorse Trump for the sake of the country.

Obviously, Cruzbots never had any faith in Ted Cruz to begin with.  As long as he played it their way, he was great.  But the first time that he dared to have a perspective at odds with his supporters, he became a man without principles.

Ted Cruz wrote in his statement endorsing Trump that he had prayed about making the right decision.  He said that he had many misgivings about Trump.  But he carefully detailed his reasons for supporting the GOP nominee.  Cruz did not get on the Trump Train.  He stated that this election is the breaking point for the republic and that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president.  He cited constitutional principles to illustrate his deep concerns should Hillary win the presidency.  And he specified Trump’s promises on issues concerning national security, Obamacare, the internet, the war on coal, the Supreme Court Justices, illegal immigration, and Islamic terror.  He was definitive, but it was clear from his message that he was making a reluctant decision based on much thought and deliberation.

As a United States senator, Cruz is privy to classified information and other intelligence that would influence his decision making.  He knows what will occur should Hillary Clinton become president. After weighing what he considers to be Trump’s wobbly temperament with the wickedness of the Clinton Machine, he has decided to stand on the principle that she must be defeated.  What is so difficult to understand about that?  He wants Hillary crushed, and he stated that Trump is the only man who can do it.

Cruzbots can refrain from voting or make their vote of conscience.  A vote of conscience is merely a gesture of defiance, a symbolic salute to someone without a chance of winning.  I would wager that most Cruzbots, who are NeverTrumpers, are more irate with the arrogance of  Trump supporters than they are with Trump.  And no, I am not letting those ForeverTrump voters off the hook.  They have certainly added fuel to the fire of those who are burning with disgust over the entire Trump campaign.   While Cruzbots and resentful Trump supporters condemn Cruz for his belated endorsement of Trump, they need a refresher course concerning Cruz’s courageous  and solitary stands  on the senate floor, standing alone against the Establishment.  He has been a lone conservative voice, hated by the Establishment.

People are fickle.  As long as they are being stroked, they are in love.  But as soon as their love interest disagrees with them, everything else is out the window.  Ted Cruz made a personal decision that he believes is the only choice to save the country in this time of crisis.  And suddenly he becomes a man without principle.  Saving the nation from the likes of Hillary Clinton is a personal conviction born from the most sacred of principles.  It is a righteous and noble aspiration.



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