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In the opening premier of her new prime time television show, ‘The Kelly File,’ in October of 2013,  Megyn Kelly asked her guest, Senator Ted Cruz, “What’s it like to be the most hated man in America.”  Cruz answered graciously by quoting Shakespeare.  During the rest of the interview, Cruz was put on the defensive as Kelly took the opportunity to play tough at Cruz’s expense.  It was a display of poor journalistic integrity and a political ambush on Senator Cruz.

What other politician, businessman, celebrity, entertainer, etc. has ever been asked such a disrespectful, personally insulting question on prime time television by a hot-shot journalist?  None, to my knowledge.  Just imagine being asked how you feel about being the most hated man by your fellow Americans.  Had Cruz not been flabbergasted by Kelly’s audacity and disgraceful show of malice, which was intended to boost her own ratings, he should have answered, “I’m not sure, Megyn, is Charlie Manson not still alive?”

Megyn Kelly’s question to Cruz wasn’t fit to ask Charlie Manson, much less a man of such character as Ted Cruz.  Aside from the fact that it was rude and arrogant, it was absurd and meaningless. Ted Cruz was not the most hated man in America, and presuming that he was and asking such an asinine question was indicative of Kelly’s own bias.  The question had no legitimate answer. It only served Kelly and Cruz’s detractors.

Kelly’s insolent interview with Cruz may not have been expected, but Cruz was used to the abusive and impudent rhetoric which was employed those in the media who are plainly establishment hacks.  Ted Cruz has been the target of both the GOP, Democrat, and media establishments since he went to Washington D.C. and tried to expose the corruption and reinvent constitutional governance in the nation’s capital.  He has been mocked by his own party for refusing to join the Establishment GOP lawmakers. He had the backbone to stand in the well of the Senate and condemn Senator Mitch McConnell for lying.  Cruz stands alone pushing unpopular conservative policy at every juncture

Prior to the GOP primary race, most conservative Republicans adored the spunk and courage of Ted Cruz. He was willing to be the solitary man who would say that which needed to be said.  He was great!  And then the GOP primary became an unfiltered exercise in political damnation and personal destruction, and out of nowhere the brilliant and esteemed Senator Cruz became “Lyin’ Ted,” just plain ole “Lyin Ted.”  And in reality, Ted Cruz was the senatorial lone wolf, though often given aid by the marvelous Senator Mike Lee, who called out the senate leaders for their deception.

How soon the Republican base forgot about the United States Senator that could always be counted upon to carry the conservative banner.  He became simply, ‘Lyin’ Ted.’   He was impaled on the sword of the political establishment and the rising GOP star, Donald Trump.   And if Trump supporters are honest with themselves, they know that Cruz did not deserve that offensive nickname.  Ted Cruz is not a man who has a problem with the truth.  He is a man who has spent his time in Washington  seeking the truth.

After a nasty, public exchange, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz parted ways.  Trump was the Republican nominee, and Cruz was not ready to forgive and forget the viciousness of the Trump campaign and Trump’s supporters. He made the decision to refrain from a public endorsement of Trump at the convention.  He was verbally attacked by Trump supporters, his wife was threatened, and they were escorted from the building.  Convention-goers were shameful in their treatment of Cruz.

Given time to absorb the Trump candidacy versus the Clinton candidacy, Ted Cruz made another judgement.  He decided that he must do whatever he needed to do to ensure that Hillary Clinton, whom he described as unfit, did not become the President of the United States.  And that included his own endorsement of Trump. He carefully explained the events which led him to this conclusion.  But facts and logic were not enough for his supporters who were more determined to keep Trump out of the Oval Office than they were to prevent Hillary Clinton from ever  having the power to allow Americans to be killed like they were in Benghazi.   In February 2016 Lindsay Graham said, “If you killed Ted Cruz on the senate floor, and the trial was held in the senate, nobody would convict you.”  This comment by Graham is the paragon of assault that has been directed at Ted Cruz throughout his Washington career.  But Trump-hating Cruz supporters aren’t really concerned about the battle wounds that Cruz must endure.  They hate Trump too much to consider Cruz’s own situation.

A friend once asked me if it bothered me that so many people hated or disliked me for my political writings.  He said, “I wouldn’t want everyone hating me.”  I responded that I don’t intentionally offend, but saying the unpopular things are often offensive.  And when you feel justified in your belief system, you shield yourself from the adversity.  After much deliberation, you do what you have been called to do.

I am thankful that we have men like Ted Cruz who walk the path that they find to be leading in the righteous direction, not the path with the least resistance.  Cruz will find his place in history which rewards him with the distinction of honor that he deserves.

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