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The Drudge Report headlines a story out of South America today celebrating a trangender man giving birth.  His partner is a transgender woman.  In truth, a woman who pretends she is a man, has a baby with a man, who pretends he is a woman, and the politically correct bizarro media  celebrates the magnificence of it all.  It is sheer madness to embrace the imaginings of those in dire need of psychological help.

Only females can give birth.  A woman who calls herself John, has a mastectomy, and dresses in a man’s suit is by definition still of the female sex.  And if scientists deny that fact, then someone in the medical community has some explaining to do to breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies. Are we to suggest that without implants, these women are now men?

As triumphant as man believes himself to be with our technological advancements, only God can create a man or woman.  And any suggestion otherwise is a damnable lie.  Utopian pipedreams of men having babies are not only erroneous, but nefarious.

For God’s sake, consider the children.  Our politically correct culture has completely abandoned the objective of raising and nurturing mentally healthy children.  In the name of political correctness, society has totally confused the kids with the nonsense of social engineering. We have sacrificed our youth to the gods of political correctness, because we have been too weak and apathetic to insist that this nonsense come to a halt.

At some point there must be consequences for mental health experts who feed the delusions of mentally fragile individuals.  Allowing patients to pursue imaginary thoughts which are not grounded in scientific principles is mental abuse.  And it often results in death.  To complicate the matter, these so-called wizards of the psyche often encourage the deranged thinking.  Many of these far-out scholars would be more lucid were they tripping on acid.

The transgender evolution which has been sweeping the nation is becoming a crisis for humanity.  Rational thought is supplanted with totally illogical and scientifically impossible space-cadet reasoning. What’s worse is that the poor soul suffering from such neurotic musings is being untreated for an illness which could be treated early on in the psychotic progression.  In the name of political correctness and progressive ideology, we are enabling, if not encouraging, many of our mentally disturbed fellow humans to act out their fantasies rather than to seek proper health.

The social engineering has turned the lives of all Americans topsy turvy.  Mature and logical adults can filter out the deceptive rhetoric, but the children and intellectually and emotionally weak folks become victims of the those progressives who are determined to erase our humanity and create mindless creatures with little resemblance to the people that we are and have been.  Social engineers are masterminds of fomenting mania.  And they have succeeded.  We are now residents of a world gone mad.


    • I honestly don’t have a problem with anyone living a law-abiding life as they want to live it. But that is not what is occurring in America. Special laws are being created to give extraordinary rights to special interest groups. And our society is not only ignoring those with mental health issues, but it is celebrating them. But more importantly, we are erroneously leading our children down a road where confused thinking rules and absolutes are nonexistent. We owe it to our children to highlight the ‘natural’ way to live their lives while making sure that they are always compassionate and accepting of those who are different from them.

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