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Glenn Beck  illustrates the mindset of those conservative individuals who refuse to vote for Donald J. Trump as a matter of ‘voting their conscience.’  From the moment Trump entered the GOP presidential primary, Beck has been almost maniacal in regards to stopping Trump.  Whether it stems from a private personal vendetta with Trump, or a general dislike of the billionaire, Beck has obsessed on the Donald. He mocks those in his audience who dare to share their pro-Trump sentiments.  I understand Glenn’s distaste for Trump.  I do not understand his crusade against him considering that the alternative is Hillary Clinton.

As a Ted Cruz supporter in the primary, Glenn was elated when Cruz took to the stage at the GOP National Convention and urged Republicans to ‘vote their conscience.’   Glenn assumed that Cruz was insinuating that ‘voting your conscience’ meant one thing and one thing only: Don’t vote for Trump.  When in reality, Cruz was speaking in generalities, and he was buying time.  He was not ready to endorse Trump.

Last Friday, after much deliberation, Ted Cruz decided that he must endorse Trump.  Beck had a meltdown on his facebook page.  Yesterday, Cruz was a guest on Glenn’s radio program to explain his change of heart.  Explaining to Beck and his audience that his endorsement was primarily an effort to stop Hillary Clinton, Cruz was patient as Beck was rude and challenging to what Cruz had clearly elucidated.  When Cruz had released his statement last week, his endorsement of Trump was straightforward and definitive. If Beck had indeed read his statement, there was no purpose for the arrogant grilling that Beck seemed self-righteously determined to execute.

After the Trump-Clinton debate last night, Cruz praised Trump’s performance.  Beck responded on facebook with, “Really? God help me.  I think my head is going to explode.”  With all due respect, Glenn.  I think it has already exploded or imploded.  Beck’s behavior is indicative of a sanctimonious spoiled brat.  In what I can only assume was an attempt to hurt Ted Cruz, Beck has stated that he supported the wrong guy in the primary.  He wishes now that he had thrown his support behind Marco Rubio.

Beck’s anti-Trump and now, anti-Cruz rants are pointless.  They work to the benefit of Hillary Clinton despite the fact that Beck professes to dislike her equally to the Trump man.  They serve only to humiliate the executor of the rage.  Reasonable conservatives are going to abandon Beck’s already dwindling audience.

Glenn Beck is emerging as a self-imposed pariah. He has appointed himself as the administrator of the conservative ‘vote of conscience’ which is symptomatic of a very egotistical man or a disengaged man. Because without a doubt, Beck is disconnecting from the conservative voter.  He either doesn’t understand the dire urgency to keep Hillary Clinton from the presidency or his hatred of Trump supersedes the significance of her defeat.

I’m not sure if Beck believed Cruz to be obligated to Beck’s point of view considering that Beck campaigned for Cruz, but it certainly seems as though Beck believes that Cruz should follow his line of thinking.  Glenn’s ‘my way or the highway’ response to Cruz’s endorsement signifies Beck’s prideful disposition.  Ted Cruz has the option and the authority to re-examine Trump’s candidacy.  In fact, Cruz has the responsibility as a conservative leader to scrutinize all pathways which lead to the defeat of Hillary Clinton.  Any conservative worth his salt understands that the first consideration is to salvage what is left of the republic, and that feat can only be accomplished through the rejection of Hillary Clinton.  The woman represents the corruption, deceit, greed, thievery, and darkness of the political world.

Glenn Beck, on the other hand, is content with allowing Hillary Clinton to reside, once again, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next president.  There are no other realistic choices.  It is a binary race, yet Beck condemns Cruz for preferring Trump to Clinton.

A vote of conscience is a vote for the restoration of the nation, a return to the traditional values and Judeo-Christian principles which brought us to greatness, a reclamation of national sovereignty, economic recovery,  repatriation of our national pride,  reinstatement of national security, and the healing of our social and culture rot.  We know Hillary Clinton will steer us far far away from these objectives.  But Donald Trump just may follow a righteous path.  A vote of conscience for absolute destruction with Clinton or a possible reformation with Trump, which is it Glenn?

It saddens me to acknowledge that Glenn Beck is no longer the man that led a conservative movement.  The man with many talents surrendered his former conservatism or humility somewhere along his journey to the top. He no longer represents the average conservative American.  He has an agenda all his own, though I am not quite sure what it might be.  But one thing I know for sure is that he can no longer be trusted to  be the voice of the conservative conscience.


  1. Enjoyed and agree,Judy. Have quit listening to Beck. While I am truly sorry that Trump is my candidate, he nonetheless is.

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