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The thought of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency is loathsome.  It is truly difficult for me to conceive of any observant, serious-minded person voting for this woman who has been proven to be a ruthless and deceptive woman.  The lives of Americans have been directly or indirectly influenced by this corrupt and shameful excuse for a human being for almost thirty years.  She has moved in and out of the shadows as she has  amassed personal power and wealth on a global scale.  Her ambition is over-reaching and her arrogance is glaringly in your face.

Clinton’s campaign promises are identical to the policies that Americans have endured under Barack Obama.  She offers the endless spending, the influx of unvetted migrants which are not only a threat to our national security but a drain on our economy.  She encourages racial unrest and caters to Muslim extremists.  She not only proposes social engineering, but she is complicit in the implementation of social programs and policies which are methodically destroying traditional America and the western culture.  But I need not expound on her repugnancy and objectionable character.  It’s all there for us to witness.  She doesn’t even try to conceal it anymore.  She knows that millions of Americans, and possibly even the majority of Americans, really don’t care.

The mere reality of Clinton’s successful candidacy, despite all of the evidence of her scandalous and amoral conduct, suggests that our national mind is already conquered by the globalists.  Clinton flaunts her superiority, her callous disregard for the Benghazi victims that she so cold-heartedly denied the protection as was her responsibility and duty as Secretary of State.  And her ability to showcase her unquestionable authority and dominance without concern for the blowback that should be knocking her off of her feet, should alert every liberty-loving American to the shackles that are already in place.

Considering the devastating and unconstitutional power-grab that Americans have endured under Barack Obama, logical people would not want to continue with the inevitable tyranny that would be  definitively intrinsic to a Clinton presidency.  But too many Americans are no longer reasonable.  Their minds have been conditioned to decades of progressive propaganda and behavior modification. They don’t think anymore.  They respond to invasion and aggression by enemies within and without with a sigh and a polite hint of aggravation for the inconvenience.

I am seriously doubtful that Americans even understand the concept of liberty.  Having the freedom to get out of bed, go to work, dine at their favorite restaurant, and watch their favorite movie has become the American ideal for liberty.  And lest I forget that annual trip to the beach.  Ah, heaven!  The average American gives no thought, much less appreciation, to the essence of liberty as it applies to our basic rights and more importantly the Bill of Rights as ordained in the constitution.

The people are  apathetic as they are subjected to servitude by the established powers who micro-manage their lives through a system of taxes, regulations, and unconstitutional activities and restrictions.  When one half of a population works to support and provide for the other half of the society, bondage has been successfully implemented.  And while the sane members of the citizenry object to the theoretical chains, those, whose minds have already been manipulated by the massive campaign of progressive indoctrination, go along to get along oblivious to the treacherous waters in which we all tread and apathetic to the legacy of subjugation that they are imposing upon their children.

While most of us will deny being conquered by the globalists, I counter that thought.  Most people, who deny having been defeated by the global elite, are fooling themselves.  They may understand what is occurring, but ‘spiritually’ they have already resigned themselves to the enslavement.  They are afraid to act against the powers of oppression.  They are afraid to make their ‘dumdum’ friends mad by asserting themselves and standing strong against the insanity of the politically correct.  They hide as they are afraid that someone might identify them as being against the brotherhood of progressives.  Because like it or not, most Americans have been conquered by the left emotionally.  And this is as it was intended by those who have progressively and deliberately planned the demise of the republic for over 100 years.

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is a shrine to the conquest of the American way of life and the public mindset.  Considering her scandals, her nasty persona, her smug and arrogant attitude, her deceptive character and her history of corruption, her candidacy should not even be a legitimate matter.  But yet, despite her obvious health issues, which are severe enough to render her physically unable to endure the rigorous job of the presidency, she enjoys the political support she continues to get.

Unless there are some drastic changes in the educational system, the social structure, the prevailing culture, the immigration process, the cultivation of a welfare state, and even the tax system, we will not have the strength to overthrow those who have conquered us.  We have been brought to our knees, and there is no place else to go but to flat on our face. And that will happen if Hillary Clinton is elected.

The masters of our destiny reside in Washington D.C.  From there they pull our strings, and we dance to their music.  The takeover of the republic is almost complete.  And when it is, the rights that we have lost will extend far past the right to bear arms and the right to free speech.  The question will be, “Do We Have the Right to Our Lives?”   And the answer to that question will sorrowfully be emphatically NO!

We have been conquered.  Do we have the spirit and fortitude to overthrow the lords and masters who rule over us?


  1. I believe we have not been conquered. The great awakening of the people through the Trump campaign proves that. It is not too late. There is ONE who can revive and save this nation. The ONE who gave us our freedom against impossible odds two hundred and forty years ago. I believe, after listening to recent speeches, we are seeing an evolution and epiphany happening in Donald Trump’s life. He has come to an understanding of why he felt the call to run for office and answered it. I have committed to walk in faith and not fear about the “lesser” of two evils. The scripture is filled with examples of (in earthly terms) unlikely, unqualified, questionable people that God was able to direct and guide to His end purpose. So, instead of the constant debate about the suitability of either candidate, I challenge anyone who reads this to spend as much time in prayer as you do on Facebook and ask God who He wants as the next head “servant” of our country. Amen and God Bless America!

    • Patti, I stand with you, and hopefully there will be enough of us in this awakening to recognize what is at stake, as did those of two hundred and forty years ago.

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