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When it comes to politics, most Conservatives are wimps.   Conservatives don’t like to get involved in the muck of the political cesspool, and they disengage.  They withdraw from the battlefield of ideology and pretty much forfeit the game.  Oh, they have their excuses such as 1)I’m too busy working and paying taxes 2)  I’m busy raising my family 3) There’s nothing I can do.  This is all biblical prophecy.  4) God will take care of it.  5) Good wins out in the end.  6) It just stresses me out too much to even think about it.  7) I don’t want to lose friends. 8) I’m afraid I’ll lose my job.  9) I just like to get along with everybody.  10)I’ve never been good at things like that.  11) Love your enemy.  12)  We just need lots of prayer.  13)  I’m busy just living my life.  And my personal favorite is 14)When things get really bad, I’ll be ready.  I want to say, “You’ll be ready for what?  And just how bad is really bad?”

Liberals, to the contrary, love to roll around in the sludge.  They will fight like a Sumo mud wrestler to accomplish their goals.  Keep in mind, Liberals are the disciples for Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals.’  They “are” the radicals.  Thrashing and kicking, biting and screaming, pulling hair and eye gouging; well, all I can say is that they’re all in the playbook.  And the Liberals follow and live by their Alinsky script.

To give Conservatives credit, it’s in their nature to play nice.  Conservatives aren’t always nice people, but they are generally rule followers.  They abide by the law, pay their taxes, generally have a personal code of conduct, have a love of country, and will more often than not walk away from a fight or argument with a Liberal.  Conservatives are not fighters, and for this reason, they lose.  They lose fights and arguments that they should win.  They have the facts, and they have the frustration, but they don’t have the passion for the fight.

Passion is the driving force behind every effective movement.  Liberals have an obsession with their lack of convictions and their objectives. They are passionate about their purpose.   And unlike Conservatives, Liberals do not adhere to principles, so they are free from the restraints that Conservatives impose upon themselves because of their devotion to principles.  Conservatives practice a self-discipline in regards to striking out in anger. They prefer civility, whereas when it comes to the attitude of  Liberals, respectful behavior be damned.  Conservatives stifle their passion and act with reservation.  Liberals flaunt their passion with abandon.  During the Occupy Wall Street Movements, Liberals were defecating and urinating in the streets.  Liberals have no social constraints to reign them in.  Conservatives have that “what will everyone think” mentality.

It’s not that Conservatives don’t feel the passion of their belief system.  But by the very nature of their conservatism they want to behave properly.  They prefer to use decorum.  And they avoid commotion and belligerence at all costs.

Nonetheless, while Conservatives don’t want to get in the fray of a political brawl, they will cheer on those Conservatives who will ‘figuratively’ throw the much needed punch at Liberals.  Ann Coulter is an example of a conservative firebrand who often throws the punch.  Many Conservatives cheer Ann on with her bombastic display of commentary.  I agree with much of what Ann says, but her style can be very aggressive and overdone.  Not many Conservatives can find it within themselves to exploit themselves for their mission as Ann does.  Ann is a flamethrower, and every movement needs their flamethrowers.  They do the hard part.  They withstand the verbal and sometimes physical assaults directed their way.

Andrew Breitbart was a Conservative bomb thrower.  Milo Yiannopoulos  is in the political trenches fighting the conservative battles.  Men like Andrew and Milo and women like Ann have the courage to repel  the hatred directed at them.  Even if I don’t, or as in Andrew’s case, didn’t, always agree with them, I have admired their willingness to fend off the venomous attacks from Liberals and  stand strong for their ideals.  How many of us could stand up to a barrage of hatred aimed at us, not just locally, but universally?  Yet, these individuals have sacrificed their security for the conservative movement.

Donald Trump is the prototype of the conservative drive to step outside of the safety zone.  He represents their desire to think outside of the box and to behave, not just assertively, but aggressively.  Trump’s sometimes outrageous behavior is symbolic of the outrage that has festered within the Conservatives for far too long.  Conservatives are tired of being nice while their country is burning.  They are exhausted with worthless politicians who exploit their method of fair play.  And Trump is the voice in their ear that says, “Do it! Do it!  Stop being a sissy, and Just Do it!  Punch them!”

Conservatives want to throw the punch.  They really, really, really, really, want to hit those Liberals (figuratively) with everything they’ve got.  They want to grind their faces in the dirt.  I admit it. I want to shove them down and rub their faces in raw sewage.  Donald Trump is the personification of our hidden desires to just thump the Liberals.

Trump definitely goes overboard with his assaults on his political enemies.  But in his own way he is the inspiration to Conservatives to get down and dirty if they want to save the country.  Playing nice has gotten the Conservatives nowhere.  It is time for Conservatives to learn the hard lesson……..If you want to Make America Great Again, you have got to throw a punch!

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  1. Amen, sister! I am fed up with the Lilly-livered republicans, that are unable to take a stand! Fed-up, puts in mildly! Our country and liberty is under attack and the weak, sit back and roll a good little puppy!

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