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As a pro-life woman, I find one of life’s greatest mysteries to be the anomaly of pro-choice women.  And I wonder, “How does any woman condone the practice of the killing of unborn babies?  I find it to be exceptionally troubling  in regards  to women who are themselves mothers.   How does any woman, who has felt the movement of her unborn baby as early as 3 months in gestation, even consider the likelihood that the movement is not that of a living human being?  And if the fluttering of the fetus isn’t enough to convince a woman of an unborn child’s legitimacy, is not the imprint of the little foot or hand pushing from the inside of her abdomen proof of life?”

Apparently not for pro-choice women.  Roe V. Wade marked the inception of a breed of women who misplaced or forfeited their maternal instincts.  It was the legislation which was the slippery slope for not only first term abortions but second and third term abortions, partial birth abortions, abortions that were performed after the live birth, and then onward to the selling of the baby parts.  Roe V. Wade will make its mark on history as one of the events which put Americans on the path to hell.

Were women always so selfish and callous as to dismiss the lives of their babies for convenience?  Emphatically, NO, and a resounding NO!” Roe V. Wade and the feminist movement ushered in a thirst for women to have power.  Aborting their own children became a method of control for women.  It gave them control over the timing of their childbirth, but it was also a mechanism for defiance against men.  Just as intentional pregnancies have long been used to trap men into marriage, abortions have been used to punish men.  Women finally had their ticket to sexual freedom, but at the expense of their babies.

Generally, the pro-choice women, whom I have encountered,  excuse their cold-blooded support of abortion by denying that they could ever go through with an abortion themselves.  “I could never go through it myself,” they say, “but it should be every woman’s right to decide for herself.”  The argument for this diametrical position is not only ludicrous but shameful.  So, a woman does not sanction killing her own unborn child. She vehemently denies that she could ever do such a thing.  Now why would she deny that she could ever do it?  Because it’s murder, and she knows it.  But, this same woman has no problem with another woman killing her unborn child if she so pleases.

Her reasoning is daft.  Is this pro-choice woman so egotistical that she believes her child should have the right to life, but another child should not?  Does this pro-choice woman sit back and watch her neighbor beat his child senseless without objection?  Is it your neighbor’s right to beat his child with a whip, I ask pro-choice women.   When did we become a society of bystanders who denied  protection to all children except for our own?

When I was discussing abortion with one woman, she indignantly replied, “If the mother’s life is in danger, abortion must be permitted!”  Isn’t that just like a Liberal to argue a case without bona fide facts.  While women have died during childbirth, it is extremely rare for such an occurrence with modern medicine.  But this scenario is counterfeit whether no women die of childbirth or a million women die from pregnancy or giving birth.  DOCTORS ALWAYS TRY TO SAVE THE LIVES OF BOTH THE MOTHER AND BABY, BUT IF THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER IS IN JEOPARDY, THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS TO SAVE THE MOTHER, UNLESS THE MOTHER INSISTS OTHERWISE.  And even if she does insist on the baby’s life being given the first consideration, I’m not so sure that doctors will honor her wishes.

Of course, her next talking point was, “If a woman is raped, she should be able to get an abortion.”  Rape victims seldom get pregnant due to the physical trauma of the assault which interferes with the fertilization and implantation process.  Statistics are difficult to ascertain because of the many factors which must be included in the research.  However, the numbers are agreeably low.  Approximately 2 rapes in 1000 result in pregnancy.

Considering that rape victims are immediately examined and administered care with a rape kit, conception should be a rare occurrence. Medical professionals use procedures which diminish the plausibility of pregnancy.  Dilation and curettage exams clean the uterine lining following a rape.  This process almost erases any chance of an unwanted pregnancy.

And of course we have the pro-choice women who say, “I’m against abortion, but I think every woman should have the right to make that decision.”  If a woman believes that abortion is bad, why would she consider it an option for anyone?

Karl Marx said, “Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.”   Karl Marx, social progress, and pro-choice women.  You’ve come a long way, baby!


  1. How about “each woman should have control over her own body”. Yes, yes, she should. And so should each man. Please let those growing humans make their own decisions about their bodies before you destroy them without their permission!! Hypocrites!!!!

    • Good point, Pat! They are more upset about the chickens that are eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken than they are our babies.

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