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We are days away from the election of our lifetime, and Donald Trump is in the news again for what else but his potty mouth. May I ask, “Why is this news?”  We have all known from the moment that Trump entered the race that he is a misogynistic character.  His past is sordid, and he has a pattern of disrespecting women. Okay!  We’ve got that. But Republicans overlooked these personal flaws and gave him the nomination, against, I might add, my personal opposition to his temperament.  With that said, IT’S DONE!  Trump is the nominee, and no amount of wishing or fit throwing is going to change the facts and reality of Trump.

I don’t like his behavior, but I can live with it. I cannot live with a Hillary Clinton presidency.  While some Republicans do not recognize any ideological differences between Clinton and Trump, I do.  I have no doubt that Clinton will complete Barack Obama’s agenda and destroy the republic.  Trump may be obnoxious, but I do not foresee him intentionally making policy which will bring about our inevitable downfall.  If nothing else, I see a Trump presidency stalling the progressive agenda.  But buying time is preferable to surrendering the country to Hillary Clinton.

As I read through the tweets and comments of notable Republicans who are withdrawing their endorsements of Trump, I can’t help but ask if these same Republicans tweeted outrage over Hillary Clinton’s emails and Benghazi.  And I will be specific.  First, I want to look at Jeb Bush and his denunciation of Trump.   Bush’s tweet states,  “As the grandfather of two precious girls, I find that no apology can excuse away Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments  degrading women.”   Got that?   Jeb Bush, who has a close relationship with Bill Clinton, is appalled at Trump’s degrading treatment of women.  I have a question for Jebby.  “What about rape, Jeb?  Do you condone rape?  I cannot remember one time that you referred to Bill Clinton’s well publicized accusations of rape or his sexual liasons with thousands of women.  Trump talks the talk, but Clinton walks the walk.”

Mitt Romney got into the act as he asked, “Hitting on married women?  Condoning assault?  Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.”  My message to Mitt:  “What in the sam hell have you been drinking?  You dare talk about a man hitting on married women and condoning assault.  Did you send Bill Clinton  a note sharing your disgust with him?  The guy hits on married women, single women, women who are small, women who are tall,  and allegedly on underage girls.  And Bill’s wife, Hillary, allowed him to degrade her for political purposes and power. Mitt, have you sent Clinton a tweet letting her know of your disgust with Bill’s behavior and her cleanup tactics after his assaults?  I think not!

Both Romney and Bush have the unmitigated gall to criticize Donald Trump when his opposition is a felon who bought off the FBI Director James Comey, or threatened him…whatever!  Neither man has bothered taking to twitter to make a statement about Hillary Clinton being unfit for the Oval Office.  Talking dirty may be disgusting, but corruption is or should be just a tad bit more scandalous. Apparently, Romney and Bush neither one have a problem with Clinton.  Why have these men not publicly blasted the lying, corrupt, and arrogant Clinton and her sexual predator husband, Bill Clinton?

Democrat Sally Kohn. commentator and gay activist, said this in a tweet, “If this doesn’t ruin Trump’s candidacy, the problem isn’t the misogynist candidate, but the misogynist country.”  I wonder what words Kohn had for Hillary Clinton when she covered for her husband’s sexual deviancy.  Did she make a public outcry against Bill Clinton for his chauvinism and his objectification of women?   But NOOOoooooo…..Kohn wasn’t appalled by either Clinton and their manipulation of women.

And yes, Ms. Kohn, it is a misogynist country, thanks to progressives such as yourself who have paved the way for a perverted sexual revolution which encourages deviant sex.  Kohn’s support of the LBGQT movement can best be described as approving of misogyny and all forms of sexual aberrations.  Yet, she so sanctimoniously decries that America is a misogynist nation.

Some of the Trump detractors are calling for Trump to step down and hand his candidacy to Mike Pence.  I would agree that Pence is the better man and choice for president.  But it is too freakin’ late to change candidates in midstream.  Thanks to Republicans who voted for Trump in the primary, we’ve got who we’ve got, and that is Donald Trump. Any changes will result in a Clinton presidency.

I would not be shocked to see another ‘October surprise’ before the election.  Republicans were warned that this information about Trump was out there BEFORE they made him their candidate.  They made their purchase after inspecting the product.  If Trump loses this election, the GOP has only itself to blame!


  1. Nothing that comes out of Trump’s mouth, will top Hillary’s actions of putting every American citizen in danger, both Young & old.
    Jeb & Mitt are both wusses! They side with the enemy, because they too are a part of the problem! I for one agree, Trump needs to think before opening his mouth, but did his words toward women put the entire nation at risk? To me, this is like comparing a decaputation to a razor nick! Unbelievable! 😳

  2. Spot on Judy! Where were all these faux outraged self-serving a$$hats during the primaries? The Washington Establishment has made one thing very clear, they would be much happier with a D.C. Insider like Klinton in the White House than they would someone that they cannot control. If anybody was actually paying attention, things like this would make it easy to know who to vote out of Washington on the next election cycle, but we know that won’t happen, don’t we?

    • For Republicans to call for Trump to step down at this point is inexcusable. They are indirectly saying that Clinton is the better candidate, and we all know that is not true. For all of his baggage, Trump is superior in character to Clinton. She is the most vile human to have ever sought the presidency, and that includes her rapist husband.

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