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American politics has been the pathway for social engineering, cultural revolutions, racial manipulation, redistribution of wealth, globalism, a restructuring of sexual identities, and constitutional assassination.  Our progressive politicians are hit men for the United States Constitution, otherwise known as  the blueprint for a free republic.  But I contend the biggest hoax in American history is the  execution of a phony crusade known as ‘Feminism.’

Feminism is a calculative political ideology which was concocted by progressive disciples to control the vote of fifty percent of the voting public. The feminist movement was not established to help women but to control and influence their thoughts as they were the easiest special interest group to exploit.

Because the entire appeal to progressivism involves emotional, and not cognitive thought, the progressives found the female to be the obvious target for the massive seduction.  As a rule, but with some exceptions, too many women have the emotional maturity of an infant and react to issues with their feelings rather than deliberating the facts of any particular argument.  On any given controversy, most women will predictably respond with emotional energy and without any attention to details.   Using language and vocabulary which appeals to the emotions, progressives have been successful in their exploitation of the female population.

Progressivism is always effective when the mark is a disgruntled special interest group which envision themselves as victims of the establishment.  And women, at the onset of the feminist movement, were indeed oppressed and living by a set of double standards in relation to their male counterparts.  They were disenchanted with their plight in life as what they perceived to be second class citizens, and they were prime for the women’s movement which became the radical feminist revolution.

When I was a very young girl, I can remember hearing the commonplace phrase, ‘It’s a man’s world.’  And I remember that the expression sent me into orbit.  I would complain to my mother that I found it unfair that men were considered to be more worthy than women.  I saw the injustice that was occurring between the sexes.  Boys who were sexually active were ‘sowing their wild oats.’  Girls who were sexually active were ‘sluts.’  Girls who got pregnant were maligned and scorned.  The boys who impregnated the girls were just ‘boys being boys.’  Opportunities in the field of sports were not available for girls as they were for boys.  Females who worked out of the home made much less money than male workers. Undeniably, women were second class citizens.

Women were disenchanted, and they were overdue for a rebellion or a battle of the sexes.   Unfortunately for the entire nation, it was the progressives that took up the cause for the women.  And these progressives were not interested in helping women to lay a foundation for equal rights.  They wanted only to use women to restructure the American culture and to devalue the family.  By applying Marxist principles, the progressives succeeded in their mission to piece by piece begin to tear apart the building blocks of the western culture, which was the American family.  And they used the women, who were the reinforcement for the family, to dismantle their most precious network of relationships.

Feminists such as Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were operatives in the women’s liberation movement.  They were political and social activists, and they tried to convince women of the day that they were unfulfilled.  Contrary to advising women that they should have the opportunity to work outside the home, the feminists persuaded women that they were unfulfilled unless they worked outside of the home.  Feminists discouraged the maternal role of women in society and encouraged the role of women to be identical to those of men.  Women who chose to raise their children as non-working mothers were criticized by the women of the feminist movement.  Feminism was not about equality for women to choose their own path.

The feminists steamrolled ahead with sexual freedom for women.  The leaders for the movement became more interested in opposing men than they did in seeking equality for women.  Feminism became an anti-men journey.  Leading feminists encouraged lesbianism as the entire women’s movement became radicalized.  Feminists became voices for the progressive movement and Marxist values.

The National Organization for Women, the leading women’s rights group, routinely advocates only Democrats for political office.  Conservative women are ignored when publicly assaulted by men. When Sarah Palin was called a cu*t by Bill Maher, the National Organization for Women was virtually silent.  The feminist movement is about ideology, and Palin does not share their ideology.  She is a pro-life woman, and in the world of feminism, women are forbidden to choose any viewpoint other than abortion.

The feminists choose to call abortion ‘reproductive freedom.’  Like everything else in the progressive world, the truth is disguised with the manipulation of the language.  Now what woman doesn’t want reproductive freedom?  All women want to choose when they have a baby.  But in the land of the progressive feminists, reproductive freedom has one interpretation and one only, which is abortion.  The feminists have coerced women into believing that it is a natural process for women to abort unwanted pregnancies. In the land of progressivism, unplanned  children never make their appearance.  They are aborted.

Feminists have encouraged women to abort their babies, become sexually promiscuous, become lesbians, disengage from relationships with males, abandon their families, surrender their maternal instincts, seek self gratification at the expense of their children, and to embrace progressive ideology.  And women, being the emotionally weaker sex, have lost themselves to the progressive culture.

The feminists have no interests in the best interest of women or what women really want.  They have had an agenda which was to change the western culture by virtue of controlling the emotional temperament of females and redirecting their thoughts from their spouses and offspring to self.

Karl Marx stated,  “Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.”  Marx  knew and taught  his disciples that women were the key to changing the world.  And the feminists, who were his protegees, did his bidding.  Feminism has been the biggest scam of our lifetime.

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