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I will never defend the crude language and antics of Donald Trump.  His words are often defenseless.  It’s a very simple concept.  There is nothing complicated or new about the reality of Trump’s vulgarity.  And it is for this reason that I’m a little more than perplexed at the sudden collective fainting spell that is sweeping the GOP establishment and media.  “Get out the smelling salts, Ethel.  Donald Trump’s talking about pus*y, again!”  Oh my, will we ever survive this man’s unsophisticated blather?

I have a question for the NeverTrumpers and Establishment GOP.  Who amongst you ‘didn’t’ think that Donald Trump talked in this profane fashion?   Considering what Trump is willing to say in public, how many of you were so gullible as to believe that he was saving his worst for the microphone?   There have been leaks about Trump’s profanity-laced videos and interviews for months.  Am I supposed to believe that the GOP Establishment knew nothing about these videos?  For gosh sakes, Glenn Beck reported on and discussed the videos that the media were sitting on for the October surprise.

The Washington Establishment knew about these videos and yet many in the GOP endorsed Trump.  And now I am supposed to believe that they are shocked and appalled.  Yeah, right.  What is particularly revealing is that these same Republicans who are so incensed and offended by Trump’s obscene behavior and have publicly and personally denounced him, were not available for comment on Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi scandal or her criminal behavior in Email-gate.  Even Condoleeza Rice has spoken out stating that Trump should not be president.  All I can say to that is WOW, Condoleeza!  WOW!  And does that mean that Hillary should, Condi?  After all, we’ve got only two serious choices.  The next president of the United States will be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Presumably, Condoleeza believes Hillary Clinton IS fit for the presidency as she has not said otherwise.

I do recall that in 2008 Condoleeza made a  statement in which she complimented Barack Obama for a speech on race that he gave in Philadelphia. Yeah, boy, Condi, when it comes to race and race relations, Obama has done a bang up job.  The usually quiet Rice ignored Obama’s radical past, but she’s not willing to ignore Trump’s sexist words.

Has it not occurred to Republicans that turning on Trump at this late stage in the game is a last ditch, orchestrated effort by the entire Washington Establishment to stop Trump?  Has it not occurred to Republicans that to pull Trump from the candidacy now will guarantee a Hillary Clinton win?  Mike Pence is a good guy.  But switching candidates a month before the election will result in President Hillary Clinton.

Trump was never the ideal choice for the GOP nomination.  The ‘outraged’ Republicans chose the most ‘outrageous’ candidate to represent their fury with the Washington and GOP Establishments.  But with the Democrats crossing parties in the primaries to help usher in a GOP candidate that they believed to be a joke, and the hellbound and determined Republicans who were so sure that Trump had been put into the GOP by the hand of God, we became locked into the binary choice of Hillary or Trump.

The Washington Establishment is as much behind this smear on Trump as is the media.  Bill Kristol and his anti-Trump disciples have worked diligently to find something, just anything that will put the noose around Trump’s neck.  And Republicans had better understand….the Republican Washington Establishment would rather see Hillary Clinton as president than Donald Trump.  With Clinton they will still maintain their power, and the status quo will survive.

With just a month until the most riveting election day in, probably, the history of the country, Republicans are trying to oust their own nominee and give the election to Hillary Clinton.  And I ask……..HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Hillary Clinton is the nuclear button!  She is a godless woman who has publicly stated that she will open the borders, bring in millions of Muslim migrants, legislate gun control which will in effect castrate the Second Amendment, prop up Obamacare, continue the redistribution of wealth program, push for a global society, and completely destroy the republic with the appointment of far-left Supreme Court Justices. She is a criminal with so much power that she could even stifle or manipulate the Director of the FBI.  The Clinton ‘dead list,’ which details the mysterious deaths of Clinton associates, is an authentic document.

Donald Trump is a vulgar man without a doubt.  His flaws are numerous, but he does have some allegiance to the Judeo-Christian principles in regards to the culture.  He is not a far-left ideologue. He has surrounded himself with some conservative and reputable men and women.  This election is not about liking Donald Trump.  It is about stopping Hillary Clinton.



  1. The potty mouth of Donald Trump was raised by the party that has supported the destruction of morality in this country. The RINOs are just as bad in condemning the morality of the conservative Christian Right. Now the RINOs have found that vulgarity is sufficient reason to dump Trump and put Hillary in the White House?
    Trump admitted what was said and that it was wrong. Hillary on the other hand says she’s “Always tried to be truthful” in the face of so much contradictory evidence. She says she was not guilty of any crime because the FBI investigated and found nothing.

  2. I’m not defending him either but he turned out to be a pretty good person considering all the money he has. Robert Deniro speaking out against him is the pot calling the kettle black, millions has heard his disgusting talk on movies and tv. The Democrats condone killing millions of babies and most support them. To me Trump is better than most even with his potty mouth. I’m still voting for him.

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