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If we learned anything after last night’s presidential  debate, it is to never underestimate Donald Trump.  Trump’s campaign was ‘said’ to be imploding.  He was anticipated to be dropping out of the race.  Dozens of Washington Establishment Republicans had revoked their endorsement of the man who had been publicly humiliated for his vulgar and obscene immoral conversation. Trump had been busted, and from all indications there are many more salacious revelations to be released.

After last week’s October surprise involving Trump’s lascivious behavior from ten years ago, Democrats, the media, and NeverTrumpers assumed that they had found the answer to their prayers.  It was doomsday for The Donald.  The Left was giddy.  Feigned indignation poured forth from the mouths of GOP Washington insiders as they professed to be shocked by the language and insinuations of Donald J. Trump.  It was all such a surprise….except for the little fact that NBC had been sitting on this story for years.  Why didn’t the media release it when Trump was running against Ted Cruz?  But never mind, I know the answer to that question.

I will have to give Hillary Clinton credit for one thing.  Her arrogance surrounding her entitlement to the position of President of the United States is a powerful and egotistical-driven phenomenon.  She began the debate with her typical smug demeanor, and she smirked throughout the opening.  She thought she had Trump in a chokehold this time.  She thought that she had found the ruby red slippers that would take her straight to the White House.  All she had to do would be to click her heels together, and it would be hers.  She would finally have the office of the presidency that she has coveted for her lifetime.

A normal woman would refrain from even broaching the topic of sexual misconduct if she was married to a lecherous man with a public past of sexual harassment, allegations of sexual assault, and allegations of rape.  And a wise woman wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. But Hillary Clinton feels supernatural in her abilities to persuade the public with a little help from her friends, the mainstream media.  She has been burdened with a husband whose sexual conquests are common knowledge, but Hillary Clinton’s aristocratic sense of nobility has interfered with her judgement.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have evaded media scrutiny for thirty years, but more importantly they have escaped all consequences of their nefarious and duplicitous activities.  They have been conditioned to mock the Republicans, the general public, and anyone who dares to question their life of privilege.  But last night, for the first time in her political life, Hillary Clinton got a public smackdown, and oh, how she felt it.  It showed on her face and in her voice.

It was obvious from the moment that Clinton and Trump entered the stage that Trump was confident and dead serious.  Clinton had already begun her smirks and was flashing her phony smile to assure the audience that she was in control.  But she wasn’t.  And it became obvious when she taunted Trump about his treatment of women.  Using both barrels, he came at her on the offensive.  He made a brief comment as to his humiliation concerning the released video, and then he refused to play the media game of staying on the defensive.  He turned the tables on Hillary and made the topic of sexual misconduct about Bill Clinton and Hillary’s disregard for the victims of Clinton.  And brilliantly, Trump had four women, who had been victims of the Clintons,  on the front row of the debate.

It was a devastating blow for Hillary, and try as she may to make light of her husband’s misconduct, she failed.  Trump became the aggressor by tearing into Clinton about the deleted and scrubbed emails, making a point of the detail that they were deleted and scrubbed ‘after’ they had been subpoenaed.  He took an opportunity to discuss her dishonesty, and he even promised to put her in jail if he is elected.

Hillary Clinton lost her smirk.  She began to struggle for her words.   The smooth, self-assured Hillary Clinton had left the stage.  When she began to ramble about Abraham Lincoln as a response to one of Trump’s comments, he pounced.  He compared ‘Honest’ Abe to lyin’ Hillary, and he scored big……really, really, big!  Her expression of annoyance became one of uneasiness.

Donald Trump came to the debate with obvious anger.  How dare someone like Hillary and Bill Clinton to appear astonished at his unscrupulous and unethical behavior when they wrote the book on sexual scandals and their coverups!  He was ready to hit them with everything he had.  And what’s more, he was a calm and self-assured Trump.  He apologized for his actions of ten years ago, and he moved on.  He did not allow Hillary to entangle him into an evening of defensive rhetoric.

Donald Trump had every right to be infuriated with Hillary Clinton’s self-righteous attempt to paint him as the pervert when her husband  was an expert in ‘the art of seduction.’   And the Democrat outrage with Trump is laughable as it was the Democrats who decided that a president’s character is irrelevant.  When Bill Clinton was exposed for his indecent conduct while president, it was the Democrats who scoffed at the notion that Clinton had shamed himself.  Democrats are the town criers of the ‘character doesn’t matter’ nonsense which became a national theme.

Donald Trump needs to reward his debate prepping team for their magnificent work of art.  At least for this debate, they took the proverbial sow’s ear and created a silk purse just in time for  last night’s debate.  As for The Donald, he took the basketful of lemons that he had coming into the debate, and he made enough lemonade for everyone to enjoy.  I know, because I certainly enjoyed mine.





  1. No doubt, the media was in overdrive, to destroy Trump and prop up Hillary! We are in the 30 day countdown window, so I’m sure there will be a daily onslaught from the MSM against Trump!

  2. It was an awesome performance by him for sure. I think he ll have the votes BUT my biggest fear is cheating at ballot box. republicans as well as dems in Washington don’t want him elected. They don’t want to upset their applecart which is exactly what he will do. I think dems and repubs will work together to steal votes from him.

  3. Democrats love to paint any Republican with the “immoral” paintbrush. That’s because it is ONLY Republicans who really care about morals at all. That sort of thing wouldn’t work with Democrat candidates because Democrat voters don’t seem to care or they are easily duped. Sigh . . .

  4. Perhaps we should have had some Sweet Tea to mix with that lemonade…surely that would have helped to unpucker Killary’s sourpuss.

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