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During the Fox News post-debate discussion last night, Tucker Carlson, speaking of Donald Trump, compared him to an escape artist.  While I understand Tucker’s sentiment regarding Trump’s ability to wiggle his way out of publicly embarrassing situations, his analogy was directed at the wrong candidate.  Hillary Clinton is the Houdini of politics.  She is clearly the most accomplished at escaping politically death defying  circumstances.  From her days in Arkansas to her email scandal as Secretary of State, Hillary has managed to evade the ramifications and fallout from her corrupt and criminal conduct.

Hillary Clinton escaped Chinagate, Travelgate,  Whitewater, the Mystery of Vince Foster’s Death, Filegate,  Lootergate, the Drug Dealer Donor Scandal, the Ponzi Scheme and Political Favor Scandal, and Benghazi.  She turned $6300.00 into $100,000.00 in 10 short months in the Cattle Futures Miracle.

Bill Clinton even garnered the nickname “Slick Willy” because of his abilities to avoid the consequences of his actions.  From Lewinskygate to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton scandals keep growing.  And they are never held accountable by Congress or the media.  They are the greased pigs of politics.  Just when we think we have one of them in our clutches, he or she has squirmed out of our grip.

But the Clinton Magic Show could not continue to perform if it were not for their stage hands, the mainstream media.  The magic show continues to remain in production, because the mainstream media controls the curtains for the entire presentation, for each and every act.  With the Clintons, it’s now you see it, now you don’t.  And when the media completes it’s propaganda parade, you are convinced you didn’t see it to begin with.

Law-abiding Americans wonder how the corruption of the Clintons continues to be hidden when it remains in plain sight.  How has the media convinced millions of Americans that the treacherous, fraudulent, and vile reality of Hillary and Bill Clinton is only an illusion?  I can only assume that just  as the magic of hypnosis controls the minds of the unsuspecting, the persistency of media manipulation also exploits the perception of the weak-minded, otherwise known as Democrats.

Just when we think that the Clintons have been caught red-handed in the mire of the innumerable webs of deceit that they have  woven, they slip free again and again and again.  The appear to be untouchable as if magically immune from the rules and laws which are the guidelines for our society.  They slip their hands from the knots that have been bound tightly across their wrists and ankles.  And they are angry that anyone had the audacity to question them.

The Clintons have escaped from figurative handcuffs, ropes, straight jackets, chains and even underwater boxes.   They have eluded arrest, prosecution, and responsibility for their criminal acts and unethical activities.  And yet, no one in a position of high power has the courage to nail this dastardly duo for their felonious and ‘deplorable’ way of life.

Can anyone doubt the fortress of corruption that the media giants have pulled out of their hats to fortify the Clinton legacy?  Considering the intricacy of their escape during each and every act, I would suggest that the Clinton Magic Show may have ties to the occult.  In effect, it is the Clinton Black Magic Show.   Oh how I wish they would just perfect their disappearing act!


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