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Glenn Beck has been on an unusual journey.  From being a man who climbed out of his bottle of bourbon to have his own television show on Fox News Channel, Glenn is certainly a man to be admired.  He built his own broadcasting empire and was at one time listed as one of the most admired men in the world.  A self-educated man, he lacks the background of the academic elite which was appealing to so many of his adoring followers.

Glenn can be credited for his passionate pleas to Americans to awaken from their apathetic stupor.  He introduced many in his audience to the progressive movement and the progressive influence which has destroyed our constitution.  He has led rallies in Washington D.C., written educational books, published his own online news website, reached millions of radio listeners, and created his own broadcasting cable company.  Beck is a man of many talents.  And let no man deny that he has been a revolutionary force in the past eight years in regards to shaking the political foundation of the globalists.

But somewhere and sometime along his path, Glenn Beck became enchanted with his own success.  There was a noticeable shift from the man, who dared to push the establishment buttons and expose the corruption, to a man who became more interested in the spiritual aspect of the fight to save the country.  I’m not sure if Beck’s radical transformation was a result of his Mormon faith, but he changed, and it was a drastic change. Gone was the Beck who accused Barack Obama of being a racist.  And here to stay was the man who became enamored with his own abilities to save the world with his plea for “mercy.”

At some point during the past few years, Beck became unpredictable in his philosophy.  His passion became preaching to his viewers and listeners rather than informing them.  Instead of focusing on the threat of the global caliphate which was on the American doorstep, he backed away and became enthralled with the genius of Walt Disney.  He began to envision himself as a man for the ages.  And on more than one occasion, while listening to his radio show, I heard him say that the Lord was speaking to him and telling him what to do.  He was without a doubt insinuating that God was using him for a special purpose.  Last week on his radio show, in reference to something that God had told him, Beck asked his sidekick Pat Gray, on the air, if now was the time to share this with the audience.  Pat told him “not now.”  Whatever Beck had wanted to share with his audience concerned something that God had revealed to him.  Pat Gray, from what I could perceive from the conversation, told Glenn not to do it, thus protecting Glenn from himself.

When Donald Trump announced his GOP primary candidacy, Glenn Beck became fiercely opposed to the Trump candidacy.  Beck was not only antagonistic to Trump’s hat in the ring, but he began battling Trump’s campaign. He didn’t just object to Trump, he was obsessed with the billionaire and began devoting many hours of his program to stopping Trump.  His vehemence was not just passionate.  It was fortuitous and inappropriate.

In September of 2015 I attended the ‘Stop Iran Nuclear Rally’ in Washington D.C.   I was fortunate enough to hear dozens of high profile conservatives speak at the rally at the Capitol.  Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck were among the guests.  Each speaker had been assigned a 10 minute speaking limit due to their vast number.  When the speaker passed his time limit, music began to quietly play as a reminder to him or her to close it up.  As expected the speaker would graciously bring his address to a halt.

Glenn Beck’s oratory was later in the line of speakers.  But Beck didn’t follow the rules that were outlined for the orators.  After he exceeded his time limit, the music began to softly play.  Beck, becoming very agitated, stopped speaking, turned to the organizers of the event,  and said, “You asked me to speak.  If you want me to speak you will turn off that damn music.”  The organizers, not wanting to cause a commotion, stopped the music, and Beck continued.  He was obviously upset that he had not been given the time to speak for as long as he pleased.  I was on the front row of those in the audience and only ten or fifteen feet from Beck.  His behavior was not just unusual, but impertinent.

The following day I listened to Beck’s radio show, and he ranted and raved as to the worthlessness of the day’s events.  He even had the hubris to publicly call Sarah Palin a clown.  He alluded to the empty rhetoric of all of the speakers except himself.  I knew for sure at that moment that Glenn Beck had serious issues.  And it saddened me.

During this past year as I have listened to Beck, I have sensed his irrationality and his neurosis regarding Donald Trump.  I understood Beck’s frustration and dislike of Trump.  I could even understand his refusal to vote for Trump.  But his behavior this past week has affirmed an alarming awareness that Beck is not just losing his grip but becoming completely unhinged.

Releasing a commentary on his facebook page, Glenn has stated that he will not be voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton.  But he continues his prattling with what can only be described as bizarre behavior.  He stated, “If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it.  If she is elected the world does not end.”  And I say to Beck, “Not for millionaires and billionaires like you, Glenn, but for the average guy like me, it does.”

Beck writes more, “Once elected, Hillary can be fought. Her tactics are blatant and juvenile, and battling her by means of political and procedural maneuvering or through the media, through public marches and online articles, all of that will be moral, worthy of a man of principle.” No, Glenn, it will result in a violent civil war.

With a statement such as Glenn’s, there is no doubt that Beck has either succumbed to a god-complex or has moved over to the dark side.  Has he lost his ever-loving mind?  We can battle her with public marches and articles? We can use the media to battle her?  Her tactics are juvenile?  Hillary Clinton is a lot of things.  But her tactics are not juvenile.  They are ruthless and deadly.  Has Glenn forgotten Benghazi?  She escapes natural consequences.  She is immune to penalty of the law.  Nothing will stop her, and if anybody should know that, it is Glenn Beck.

I turned Beck’s radio show on this morning to hear an explanation for his comments that Hillary was better than Trump.  He was haughty, and he was smug.  He said that his daughter said to him, “Dad, we have to vote for Hillary Clinton.”  And then he said, “I thought about it for about 5 minutes, but I can’t do that.”  Obviously, Glenn, you can do that!

I cannot pinpoint what has happened to Glenn Beck.  But I believe that he became an admirer of his own accomplishments and has thus embraced a god-complex.  He despises Trump and will therefore do everything within his power to ensure that Trump is the loser.  Or, Glenn Beck is mentally ill and moved to the dark side.  Whichever one is the case, Glenn Beck is dead to me.

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