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The Muslim migrant crisis in Europe is out of control, and our government lies to us as the Left prepares to dump another load of refugees upon the American people.  They admit they cannot properly vet the migrants, and they admit that agents of ISIS are living amongst them. But for the global elite, exposing Americans to the culture rot that the Muslim refugees bring with them is no problem.  In fact, they welcome it.  Destroying the western culture is the endgame for elites.

With the destruction of the western culture comes the enslavement of the females as the western culture is the liberator of women.  And it is the persecution of the women by the Muslim men which brings out the rage in me.  Europe is on fire with sexual crime and Muslim sexual predators who believe that it is their right as a man to abuse and torment women.  These Muslim men devalue women as their inferiors.

Aside from the fact that rape by Muslim men has become a casual affair in Europe, the world is witnessing the infestation of these barbaric men into civilized societies where customs of rape are prohibited.  And this brings me to the latest in sexual abuse in Norway.  A forty-something Muslim migrant became irritated with his daughter’s westernized ways, and so he raped her.  That’s right, the Muslim father raped his daughter, because she was behaving like a westerner.

The daughter ran away from home and informed two postmen who in turn informed the police.  The father denied the allegations but the DNA proved the father a liar.  He had wanted his daughter to live the Islamic lifestyle, and she wanted to live a western lifestyle.  So, he sure showed her.  He punished her with rape!  And I say the proper punishment for him would be castration first and then a bath in pigs blood.

The young girl is receiving psychiatric care after suicide attempts.  Imagine that!  Needing psychiatric treatment after being raped by your own father.  Who could have seen that coming?

Muslim men are raping their way across Europe, and they are coming to America.  These are the men who perform honor killings when their daughters (NOT THEIR SONS) disobey or dishonor the family.  These are the men who burn their daughters alive and run over them with cars.  These are the men who pour acid on their women.  These are the men that force women and girls to wear burqas in the heat of a desert.  And political correctness tells me that I am supposed to respect their culture?  I spit on them!

As the doors of the country are being opened by our evil leaders, and as the demon possessed Muslim men come into our country with the expectation of degrading women and living by the customs of their own savage culture, every American woman needs to be packing heat and preparing to use it.  I am, and I will.


  1. I know it isn’t fair to stereotype or profile, but I do it anyway! I find myself being very watchful of Arabic men, especially if they aren’t speaking English. Im pretty sure it wouldn’t take much provocation for me to ventilate somebody threatening to harm a woman in public.

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