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Yesterday on his radio show, Glenn Beck praised Michelle Obama for her speech slamming Donald Trump.  ‘Declaring that Michelle Obama just gave the most effective political speech since Reagan,’  Beck pretty much cut his ties with the conservative movement.  The notion that Beck could even mention Michelle Obama in the same sentence as Ronald Reagan is a miscarriage of truthfulness and justice. But Beck’s hatred for Donald Trump and the conservatives who have decided that they must support him to defeat Hillary Clinton has finally  exposed Beck as a charlatan.

Beck announced that the Republicans had given the Democrats and Clintons the moral high ground by supporting Trump and Trump’s vulgarity. The sheer outrageousness of such as statement is mind boggling. For Glenn Beck to even suggest that the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton could lay claim to the moral high ground is not only offensive but dishonest.  The entire premise of the Democrat Party is a lie.  The Democrat Party not only condones deviancy, sexual misconduct, perversion, and corruption, but they encourage it.

How in the hell could anyone, who is supposed to be on the right, propose that the Clintons could be standing on the moral high ground?  Hillary Clintons corruption, scandals, nefarious connections, pathological lying, and wickedness have already reserved her position in hell, and Beck suggests that the conservatives have given her the moral high ground?  Bill Clinton’s sexual reputation of harassment, assault, rape, and friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and his Orgy Island can be shoved aside so that he too, can stand on moral high ground?  Is that right, Glenn?

Beck furthered his monologue of wishful thinking by saying that the Republicans had just created their own ‘War on Women.’  Referring to Michelle Obama’s speech as a devastating attack on conservatives, Beck continued, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, they are co-opting women, and it will work.  Oh my gosh, the conservatives, it’s probably too late, it’s probably too late for you to regain credibility.”  Oh, how you wish, Glenn.  Oh, how you wish.

I watched as Beck glorified Obama with his analogy to Reagan. Beck is as intent on destroying the conservative movement as is the Democrats, because he is intentionally, methodically, and viciously interjecting himself as the wedge to persuade his devoted listeners to not vote for Trump. He wants them to waste their vote, be it for a candidate with no possibility of winning or by not voting.

And yes, NeverTrumpers, Beck is indeed pushing a Clinton win by virtue of the fact that his radio show has become a three hour anti-Trump campaign ad.  It’s one thing to object to Trump and announce to his listeners that he will not vote for Trump, and it’s another to dedicate your show to ridiculing Trump.  I realize that he does occasionally go on the offensive with Clinton, but overwhelmingly his attacks are on Trump and Trump supporters.

Beck’s declaration that he is not voting for Trump because of his moral conscience is self-serving and it is phony.  He admitted that while he will not vote for Hillary, he doesn’t believe that the country will suffer under her presidency, and that conservatives can fight her with online articles, protests, etc.  Just like we fought Obama, right Glenn?  We all see how well that worked.

Think about this NeverTrumpers;  Glenn Beck believes that Republicans now have a ‘war on women,’ because they continue to support Trump rather than give the country to Hillary Clinton.   Forget about the fact that Michelle Obama and her husband, Hillary Clinton and her husband, and the entire Democrat Party have no qualms with women in the Middle East being tortured and killed by their Muslim husbands, fathers, and even government.  Consider the reality that Democrats defend the Muslim culture that allows their men to oppress and persecute their women.  And Glenn Beck now decides that the Republicans have effectively declared the ‘War on Women!”  Incredible and Incredible!

When Beck had his television program on Fox News, he told his audience about a dinner that he had had that week with disciples of George Soros.  Without giving the specific names, he relayed his experience at the dinner.  Soros’ people wanted to meet with Beck to convince him to give up the fight to save the republic and to join them and their global takeover.  They told Beck that he might as well join them, because the ‘boat had already sailed.”  All the Left really had to do was to tie up loose ends.  At the time, Beck said that he told them, “no thanks.”

There are multiple reports that Beck’s media empire is crumbling.  Many in the hierarchy of his enterprise have left with worthwhile grievances, and one of his longtime friends at the network has sued.  Without a doubt, something is amiss within Beck’s company.  When grievances abound from once loyal employees, eyes should open.

Perhaps, Beck has been offered financial help from outside sources of a certain political persuasion. Perhaps, he has walked so close to the edge of Bizarro World that he has become desperate for backers.  Who knows?  I don’t know.  But I do know this for sure: 1) Glenn Beck hates Donald Trump 2) He would rather have Hillary Clinton for president than Trump.  3)  He is now criticizing the entire conservative movement.  4) He believes that the Democrats and Clinton now have the moral high ground 5) He states that it’s too late for conservatives to regain credibility.  Considering all of the immoral, indecent, depraved, unscrupulous, pornographic behavior of the Democrat reprobates, and in particular, the Clintons, Glenn Beck believes that they now have the moral high ground.

Beck is either a nut, or he has a different political agenda than he once had.  If he continues to prop up the Left as he has been doing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit the campaign trail for Clinton.

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