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Republican leaders who have reversed their endorsement of Donald Trump are using the pitiful justification that they are attempting to ‘salvage the dignity of the party’ after Trump’s lewd video came onto the scene.  This makeshift song and dance routine by the GOP establishment is about as phony as Hillary Clinton’s smile.  In truth, the GOP leadership knew about these videos long ago.  I knew about the videos prior to Trump’s nomination.  I wrote about the videos, warning GOP voters that they would be used in the general election.  NBC had been sitting on the videos for the very purpose of an October surprise.

In kindergarten I excelled in ‘connecting the dots.’  I am a staunch advocate of sequencing the chain of events and the study of actions and reactions.  In my world, if you can connect the dots effectively, you’ve got it together.  🙂  And I am here to tell you that the Republican leadership has been working long and hard for Hillary Clinton.  Assuming that they could not have their guy, Jeb Bush, in the driver’s seat, their second choice has been Hillary Clinton.

The Republican base must come to terms with the reality that the GOP leaders are not interested in what is best for this country or their Republican constituents.  They are friends and partners in crime with their Democrat counterparts.  They only pretend to be political foes of the Democrats to disguise the one-party system which has been  being constructed since Ronald Reagan left office and the country fell into the hands of the globalist George H. W. Bush.

It was during this time frame that the paradigm began shifting.  With the election of Bill Clinton, the shift emerged as a hard turn to the left.  And as anyone who has studied history or political science knows, a one-party system is the objective of the Left.

Republicans did not want to acknowledge the milquetoast conservatism of George W. Bush and his administration.  They were so thankful to be rid of the obscene, duplicitous  Bill Clinton that Bush 43 was a godsend.  They ignored his left-leaning tendencies as in the signing of the Patriot Act, his Medicare Drug Plan, and his refusal to defend or secure the American borders.  Bush represented nothing more to the Republican base  than the hope that the pendulum had moved to the right of the Clintons.

The ducks were all in a row when Barack Obama made his shady and sudden appearance onto the political scene and began to dismantle the United States Constitution, the western culture, and the sovereignty of the United States.  Most Republicans within the beltway  had already resigned themselves to the playbook that had been written by the progressive powers of the Washington establishment.  And when a man like Ted Cruz objected to this overthrow of the American government, well all I can say is, “We saw what happened to poor Ted.”

Everyday Republicans, who were already disenchanted with the GOP, looked outside of the party for a hard-hitting candidate.  Unfortunately, the guy they chose as their candidate was naked in terms of politics. Unlike those in the political establishment who are trained to avoid the traps that Donald Trump stumbled into, the ‘outsider’ had no filters or political background from which to confer.

Republicans needed a communicator, a quick-thinker who could unravel the deception of  Hillary Clinton with sophistication and statesmanship.  They needed a man of courage who understood the pulse of the Congress and who was dedicated to the Constitution, but the base wanted someone who represented their overwhelming anger.

So, here we are, three weeks away from the election of our lifetime and most probably the history of the country.  The results will determine the direction of the nation……globalism and eventual genocide, or at the best, a struggle for liberation.  And the leaders of the GOP have made their bets.  They have decided to stand with Hillary Clinton and the Marxist globalists.  They have abandoned their base and joined the aristocracy.

The very notion that the GOP leadership is claiming to be ‘trying to salvage the dignity of the party’ by indirectly encouraging the election of Hillary Clinton is traitorous.  They are using their names and endorsements to persuade the electorate to deny their votes to the only man who has a chance to stopping the wicked Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, to use the bogus reason of ‘salvaging the dignity of the party’ to vindicate their betrayal of the party base is a slap in the face.  If the ‘dignity’ of a political party is measured in terms of immorality and sexual misconduct, the Democrat Party should have collapsed twenty-five years ago.

Every single Republican, Trump supporter and non-Trump supporter, should be outraged that the party leadership could possibly conceive of the GOP as undignified as compared to the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party is the party of perversion.  And while there are plenty of Republicans involved in corruption, they are merely riding on the coattails of the Democrat regime.

On November 9th, the day following the anticipated election of the century, the fallout is going to be monumental.  And I don’t see any possibility for cohesion within the Republican Party.  There will be a fight for the control of the party, but I believe that battle has already been fought and the conservatives have lost.  If the conservative Republicans are smart, they will rise from the ashes and dedicate themselves to a new party. It will be their only chance to ever turn the tide of the progressive tidal wave which is drowning the republic.

A Republican Civil War cometh!  May it be speedy and direct!  The implosion is inevitable!

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