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Charles Krauthammer has written an op-ed in which he alleges that Donald Trump stooped  to a new low when he stated in the second presidential debate that he would appoint a special prosecutor to ‘lock’ Clinton up, as in prison.  Krauthammer disapproves of Trump’s so-called ‘threat’ to Clinton.  He argues that only dictators throw their political opponents in jail.

Whoa, now there, Charles!  Let’s get our facts straight.  Trump was not suggesting that Clinton be prosecuted for political crimes, and you darn well know it.  His warning was nothing more than a direct forewarning of consequences for her criminal activities.  May I refer to you, Charles, the rule of law which applies to “all” American citizens, not just us little people.   And has it occurred to you that our politicians feel free to lie and to engage in criminal and corrupt activities, because they won’t be imprisoned? Well, that is unless you are a conservative.  I realize, Mr. Krauthamer, that you are a member of the intellectual and political elite which resides within the beltway and within the progressive media, but may I suggest that you get out more often, as into the slums of the middle class.

“Middle Class Working America” holds the secret to the Donald Trump phenomenon.  And it is the outrage of the working middle class which has ‘trumped’ the establishment.  The outraged chose an outrageous candidate symbolic of their anger and festering rage.  I would think as a noted psychiatrist that you would have figured that one out.  Did you not study the French Revolution during your most prestigious educational studies?

Krauhammer’s incredulous criticism of Trump’s reference to Hillary Clinton’s criminality is indicative of a man who resides in the establishment bubble.  Did you not think, Charles, that We the People who actually work and carry the tax burden, would not mind that Hillary committed crimes and evaded punishment?  Did you think that we did not notice her smirks and arrogance during the Benghazi Hearings, when she was so obviously guilty of complicity in the deaths of four Americans?  Do you, as do your fellow elite journalists and political celebrities, truly believe that we have resigned ourselves to oppression and tyranny by the ruling elite?  Well, think again!

You, Charles Krauthammer, like your politically elite and intellectual brothers and sisters of the establishment, are under the false impression that all of the Americans in Middle America are dumb, and that we are willing to succumb to the dictates and regulations of the nobility.  You have the audacity to believe that Hillary Clinton should not be challenged publicly as to her national crimes, which involve the compromised security of all Americans.  You indict yourself with your implication that Hillary is above confrontation for her crimes.  Your own hubris as a member of this special class of journalists, politicians, lobbyists, special interest groups, etc., leads you to defend the rights of this woman to live above the law.

Krauthammer erroneously writes that Trump is feeding a vengeful populism.  Wrong again, Charles!  A populace who demands that the rule of law be followed by those in the political class is not being vengeful.  They are clamoring for justice.  They are sending a message to the establishment, and to people like you.  They are saying, “We aren’t your slaves.  We are tired of you stealing our money through lawful but immoral theft.  We are angry that the establishment and big donors choose our presidents.  We are tired of unethical journalists who vie for power and mislead the public.

You, Charles Krauthammer, dare to write about the constitutional principles when you are apart of the fourth estate which had the responsibility to inform the public of the wrongdoing within our halls of justice.  But you didn’t.  You played politics and through selective journalism you deceived the people.  You and your phony intelligentsia presented false images of the world and the country, thus deluding the American people into a state of apathy.  And you have the audacity to blame Trump?

Who made who, Charles?  Who made Donald Trump the man whom Americans turned to for leadership?  Why did the Americans turn to this man?  And why are you not as bothered by the candidacy of Hillary Clinton?

Because it was you, and the brotherhood of the Washington elite that made Donald Trump.  Who made who, Charles?  Who made Trump the GOP leader?  It was you!  It was you!


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  3. Dinesh is imprisoned for a campaign contribution. That was not political? I wonder if Krauthammer could name one other person who was imprisoned for an illegal campaign contribution?

  4. Excellent article Judy! We all know that Krauthammer and his ilk will never accept responsibility for their role in the decline of our country.

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