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NeverTrumpers are determined to have their revenge on the Trumpsters, and it will be done under the phony pretense of morality.  In actuality, and if the NeverTrumpers are honest, the objective is revenge.  And on the flip side of that coin, the Trumpsters, who were the Republicans who chose Trump in the primary, were given full warning.  They were cautioned repeatedly by the many Republicans who found Trump to be distasteful.  But they didn’t listen, because they thought the NeverTrumpers would be forced to vote for Trump to prevent a Clinton presidency.

But that isn’t going to happen.  And each side blames the other.  Trumpsters tout that the Republican Party chose Trump.  And they did. But it was not the majority of the party.  The fifteen original candidates made it possible for Trump to win without the majority of the GOP support.  The Democrats crossing party lines during the primaries also helped to guarantee a Trump nomination.  Democrats wanted to face off against Trump in the general election.

Trumpsters were caught up in the fervor of the Trump sensation.  They were just as willful concerning the nomination of Trump as the NeverTrumpers are now about preventing a Trump presidency.  Many of the Trumpsters would call Ted Cruz, ‘Lyin’ Ted.   They got into the dirt with Trump and cheered Trump’s callous treatment of Cruz.  And when they did that, they kicked the NeverTrumpers in the teeth.  It was very bad judgement, because they need the NeverTrumpers.  By making fun of Ted Cruz and joining in the mocking of Cruz, the Trump supporters cost Donald Trump millions of votes.

And now the ball is in the hands of the NeverTrumpers, and just like the Trumpsters, they are going to damn America with a Clinton presidency.  NeverTrumpers are going to play the morality card, when in truth they are striking out against Trump and his supporters for their foolheaded miscalculation of Trump.  And they are not going to change their minds.  These foolish people will watch Hillary Clinton take the oath of office, because they are determined to see Trump defeated.

I will vote for Donald Trump.  I did not support him in the primary, and I wish that Ted Cruz was the nominee.  But he is not.  And in real life in real time it is 2016, and the country is on death’s door.  We have Hillary Clinton, a wicked, powerful, globalist running against a vulgar billionaire.  Clinton, by her own admission, will complete the Obama transformation of our country.  Trump, while not the ideal candidate, has moderate to conservative views. He may have his shortcomings, but his objective is not to destroy the nation.

It is now the NeverTrumpers who have the power to stop the train wreck of Hillary Clinton.  So while they spout their self-righteous platitudes about it being their moral duty to not try and stop the election of Hillary Clinton, I will give my obligatory vote to the GOP candidate who is the only person who can stop Hillary Clinton.  And they will call me unprincipled.

NeverTrumpers, try as they will, can never hold the moral high ground if they make no effort to stop Hillary.  They stand with the Establishment GOP, the mainstream media, and the Democrats in their derision of Trump.  And with this undoing of the Republican Party goes the only chance of ever saving the country.  There will be no more opportunities for generations to come, if ever.  And there will be plenty of blame to go around.


  1. I think four years of Hillary will do irreversible damage to our Constitution. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is likely to retire regardless of who wins. That will make the balance on the Court 5-4, with two young progressive judges. If the Clinton Crime Family can inflict another sudden death of one of the conservative judges during the term, the balance would go to 6-3 with three young progressive Justices. Apparently the left has something on John Roberts, so really the balance would be 7-2.
    The national debt will get to the point that if the interest rate were to get up to 6-8%, we would be unable to keep the massive government running and cover the interest.

  2. Agree with all but the Generations statement. This countries economics will collasp within her 8 year term and the people will rise up then VERY QUICKLY.

  3. This election, is about resistance! Resistance to the takeover of our government by corrupt global elitists, who have infiltrated our government to bring us down! Not only are we dealing with corruption we are dealing with evil!!!

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