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While the Democrats unite to elect Hillary Clinton, the Republicans, per usual, decide to disconnect and fight each other.  On one side of the aisle we have the NeverTrumpers, and on the other side of the aisle we have the Trumpsters and those conservatives such as myself, who will vote for the only legitimate candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton.

Even the Democrats, who would rather not have Clinton and who know that Clinton is indeed a criminal, will stick with the party to elect a Democrat.  And that is exactly why the Democrats always win.  The cohesion within the Democrat Party always guarantees success.  You know, it’s that “Together we stand, divided we fall,” attitude.

But with the Republicans it’s different.  We always have one faction of Republicans who get on their high horse.  They aren’t going to vote for the lesser of two evils, because it’s still voting for evil.  They aren’t going to vote for a man whom they perceive as immoral.  They would rather see the immoral candidate of the other party win than to vote for the Republican whom is vulgar.  Do you remember when Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election to Barack Obama, because Republicans stayed home, because they couldn’t allow themselves to vote for a Mormon? Yeah, I remember that, too.  They decided that four more years of Barack Obama’s policies from hell were preferable to voting for a Mormon.

And the Republicans never learn.  Here we are right back in the same place as we always are at election time.  The Democrats are falling into line behind Clinton, and the NeverTrumpers are going to show their disapproval with Trump and stay home or vote third party.  It’s predictable, and nothing more than another day of Republican politics.  Were it not for the fact that this mindset and strategy do nothing more than to help Hillary Clinton become president,  some might call it the moral choice.  I suppose that would depend on what the definition of ‘moral’ is.

If  NeverTrumpers  don’t want to vote for Donald Trump, I say, “By all means, don’t vote for him.”  But if a wise man pays close attention, he will see that the NeverTrumpers are not just interested in casting a vote for someone other than Trump or not voting at all.  They are passionate about defeating Trump.  They spend their waking hours bashing Trump and arguing as to why he would be a horrible choice for president.

And a wise man would also notice that considering that there are only two candidates for president with a realistic possibility of winning the election, a defeated Trump would by the process of elimination coronate Hillary Clinton.  Try as they might to deny that they are in Hillary’s corner, NeverTrumpers cannot negate the reality that a Trump loss is a Clinton victory.  A NeverTrumper, who is more dedicated to defeating Trump than defeating Hillary, is standing with those who also want Trump defeated, that being the Left or Democrats.

NeverTrumpers are not interested in the ramifications of a Clinton presidency on the already buckling republic.  They want to show the Trumpsters that they were right when they said that Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton. Their goal is not to stop Hillary Clinton from turning the Supreme Court into a Marxist body of politic.  Their goal is to prove their point that ‘Donald Trump was the wrong candidate.”

When the NeverTrumpers go to the ballot box, if they even bother to vote, they will vote for themselves.  Their votes will be nothing more than a symbolic gesture of defiance or a self congratulatory vote for not giving in to the Trumpsters.  “We’ll show you, Trumpsters.  We’ll just let Hillary Clinton win.  You deserve it for nominating Donald Trump.”


  1. Even if we had been able to elect the one truly Conservative candidate in the primaries, there would be a huge segment of “Republicans” that would be standing just as strong to facilitate a Democrat win. It is mind boggling!

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