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Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, NeverTrumpers,  you are most definitely standing with the Left to ensure that Donald Trump is defeated.  And  Trump’s defeat ensures a Hillary Clinton victory.  Self-delusion is only a temporary reprieve from the reality of life, and continuing to support candidates, who don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidency, may give you a sensation of moral superiority for objecting to the controversial Trump, but in the end it is a pointless gesture in terms of changing the status quo.  You might as well vote for yourself as to vote for any of the third party candidates.

At some point, the integration of the outcome of the election and your vote must, or at least should, enter into the thought processes, if the vote is a material vote.  But if the vote is only a token of  your voting rights, then you waste your constitutional right.  Yes, you should have the right to not vote, vote third party, or even to create our own imaginary candidate through a write in.  But having the right to cast an insignificant referendum is futile, if the objective of the vote is sincerely to elect a president.

Some NeverTrumpers  are insisting that we are now a one-party system.   And they have a point.  The Progressives infiltrated the Republican Party several decades ago and were even successful in converting conservatives.  But these Progressive Republicans are the Establishment elite which are fighting against Donald Trump.  They are the ‘Friends of Hillary’ who work against conservatives in Congress such as Ted Cruz. And yet, standing against Trump, NeverTrumpers stand with the likes of Republican Progressives and globalists such as Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is an open border Progressive who has admitted that he sees his role as a United States lawmaker as representing foreign nationalists.  In 2013 Ryan said that it is the job of a lawmaker ‘to put himself in the shoes of a foreign national.’  Ryan believes that American citizens have no inherent rights in their own land.

When Ryan ran as Mitt Romney’s 2012 vice presidential running mate, he humiliated the conservatives and Republican Party with his pathetic  debate performance against Joe Biden, who can only be described as a mental midget in a clown suit.  From my perspective, Ryan wanted to lose the election.  Either that or his credentials are hyperbolic.  Ryan’s mental acuity didn’t show up for the debate.

Conservative NeverTrumpers are not supporters for Hillary, but ‘what difference does it make.’  Wanting Trump to lose the election formulates into a one-step equation which is a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Expecting anything else is most appropriately described as delusional.

But millions of NeverTrumpers would rather have a Hillary Clinton presidency as punishment for the Trumpsters, whom they believe forced Trump down their throats.  The enemy of NeverTrumpers is NOT Hillary Clinton.  It is Donald Trump and his supporters.  And a Hillary Clinton presidency will be the result of this feud between the Trump supporters and haters.  The Trumpsters, aka, Trump’s primary supporters, will carry their share of the blame as they were warned.  They didn’t care.  They were caught up in the whirlwind of a fantasy.

The primary justification from NeverTrumpers for rejecting Trump is the morality or principles issue. But the duplicity of this reasoning is betrayed by the nastiness that so many NeverTrumpers have employed during their so-called debates against those who have decided to vote for Trump.  I have been subjected to name-calling of mother f***er, bi**h, c**t, liar, etc.  I have been told to commit acts which are so disgusting that if  put into written word would  render my website pornographic.  And these are people who are arguing that  a vote for Trump is a vote for immorality.

When I wrote against Trump during the primary season, I received the same derogatory, profane taunting from dedicated Trump followers.  Both sides, the NeverTrumpers and Trumpsters have their elements of radicalism within their movements.  And during this election season, when the Democrats are running a Barack Obama ideological clone, a woman who is a known criminal and liar and who has publicly escaped any punishment for her corruption, the Trumpsters and NeverTrumpers have both destroyed the GOP chances for a slam dunk.

NeverTrumpers, the Establishment GOP, the Establishment media, the Democrat Establishment, the beltway powers, the K Street lobbyists, the LBGT crowd, the pro-Sharia Muslim community, the illegal immigrants, the migrants, the entertainment industry, Black Lives Matter, the Planned Parenthood advocates, ISIS, and millions of others who support the progressive philosophy all have one goal in mind……..DEFEAT DONALD TRUMP.

If a boat carrying NeverTrumpers capsized in a sea of shark-infested waters, and Donald Trump sailed by in his yacht and offered to pick them up, using the rationale of the NeverTrumpers, they would refuse his assistance and wait for a man of better character to come by.  They would prefer to be eaten by sharks than to risk that Trump’s aged yacht ‘might’ also sink.  They would wait for a ship that would never come before they would  take a chance and compromise their sensitivities and climb onto the Trump yacht.

I reiterate:  NeverTrumpers may not want Hillary Clinton, but they will cheer when and if Donald Trump is defeated.  And on election night they will most certainly be standing with the Left.


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