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Donald Trump brought the populists to their feet Tuesday with a deafening cheer as he laid out his proposal for term limits.  Trump presented his outline for a federal ethics overhaul and term limits for the Senate and House.  Six years for the House members and twelve years for the senators.   Finally, we have, at the very least, a gesture to drain the Washington D.C. swamp.

Our founders were remarkably ingenious and wise men who drafted the world’s most daring, judicious, and enlightened blueprint for self-determination.  The United States Constitution was a comprehensive  document which considered the flaws and basic human rights of humanity.  The Founders explored every inch of this adventure in self governance to near perfection.  But they grossly underestimated the need for term limits for those in public service.  They could not foresee the magnitude of the power which would be at the fingertips of those elected to uphold the republic and prevent tyranny.

Draining the swamp must be one of the first on a very long list of  ‘things to do’ if Trump is elected president.  The Washington D.C. Swamp, or cesspool, has become a stagnant quagmire of pestilence.  The city which houses the lawmakers of the United States government is awash with vermin so vile and venomous that a wise man would prefer to wrestle with a water moccasin in the Okefenokee Swamp.

Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent in the 2016 presidential race, has not only resided in the Washington Swamp for twenty-five years, but she and her sexual predator husband, Bill Clinton, are akin to the malarial insects feasting on the muck and mire of the political wetlands.  They are the contagions which have leeched onto  every creature that has made his way into the Washington bog.

Hillary Clinton is the personification of the desolate swamp.  She is, figuratively, the “SWAMPTHING,” the swamp monster who is a dishonorable and contemptible beast lurking in the murky, brackish waters of the marsh.  It is Clinton and her machine, who guarantee that those elected officials who arrive in Washington D.C., understand the hierarchy of the system.  She is the hydrogen sulfide of the Washington ‘marsh gas.’

Term limits for our Congressional leaders as well as our Supreme Court Justices would drastically reduce the influence of lobbyists and high dollar donors to the ruling class.  Many well-meaning men and women go to Washington with the intentions of making a difference, but they are soon swallowed by the quicksand of the bog.  They begin compromising their principles, and they, too, become the problem.

The Tenth Amendment guarantees the concept of federalism and the relationship between the national government and states.  But as federal power has been grabbed by the ruling class, and states have been shoved aside, our national and local problems have increased.  Centralized power never works.  It becomes an implement of the ruling class to divided and conquer what they perceive to be the underlings of the social class.  The aristocracy becomes the beneficiary of the legislation and regulation that they write and pass into law for themselves, while We the People are used only during election years to perpetuate their power.

As invaluable as term limits would prove to be, the D.C. swamp is so infested with the bloodsucking bureaucrats, that the term limits alone would not stimulate long lasting positive change for years to come.  Other changes must be executed.  Can you imagine a system in which our leaders are required by law to read the legislation that they cast their votes upon?  Is it unreasonable for the governed to demand that their dignitaries read and understand that which they are foisting upon their constituents?

Omnibus bills, which are neatly packaged with billions of dollars of waste and special favors,  should be prohibited.  Congressional benefits should be significantly cut so as to discourage the greedy and appeal to only those among us who are authentic public servants.  The changes that must be invoked are indeed daunting, and I am not so naïve to believe that Donald Trump’s proffer of term limits will be actuated.  But the discussion of term limits must come to the table.

Draining the Washington Swamp  would not be an easy task.  The scum which is afloat in the city would clog the filters of the most powerful drainage system.   But if the nation could eject the most powerful life force in the swamp, it would be a powerful statement to the powers that be.  They would understand that if  “Swampthing” could be taken into custody, so might they.

Hillary Clinton represents the desolation of the dismal swamp.  She is symbolic of the decomposition, corruption, and putrefaction in the nation’s capital. If the Washington Swamp is to ever be drained, “Swampthing” must be defeated and preferably taken into custody.


  1. I see in the future no need for a senate or the house. The age of computers can instantly enform Americans. Run the senate like Jury duty, Serve a month and no bennifits.We the People can make our own informed decisions and vote accordingly. Jury to consist 100 republicans and 100 democrats.

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