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During the third and final 2016 presidential debate last week, Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as a ‘nasty woman.’  Naturally, the liberal media and Clinton sycophants went ballistic at the mere suggestion of disrespect towards Clinton.  My only complaint with Trump’s remark is that he stopped short of identifying the entire Democrat Party as the ‘nasty’ party.  The Clintons may have put the ‘n’ in the word ‘nasty,’ but by gosh, nobody does it nastier than the Democrats.  Trump should have identified Clinton as ‘the nasty woman from the nasty party.”  But that’s hindsight, and I will cheer for his seized opportunity to at least  correctly describe the repugnant wife of sexual predator Bill Clinton.  She is nasty and much more.

The hypocrisy of the entire Clinton candidacy, Democrat Party, and liberal media has come to be expected, and if not for the perils that these ‘unholy’ people have heaved upon the American people, their sanctimonious depravity would be an ingredient for a successful situation comedy.  Their blatant insincerity and the media attempts to conceal the endgame would be funny if not for the reality of the matter.

But the feigned indignation of these Saul Alinsky disciples is nothing more than another commandment from the Lucifer-worshiping author’s “Rules For Radicals.”  Obscene, ungodly, and impure behavior is the very essence of their being.  And they do a magnificent job, with the help of their ‘useful idiots’ (Democrats), in masquerading  as normal beings.  In truth, the word ‘nasty’ is a euphemism for these monsters behind the media masks.

Whom he chooses to stand with says a lot about a person.  And the average guy from the Democrat base stands ideologically with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Maher, Amy Schumer, Madonna, Lena Dunham, and many other disgusting examples of nastiness.  While media Progressives were reaching for the vapors when Trump called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman,’  Madonna, while performing in Madison Square Garden, was offering blow jobs to men who would vote for Clinton.  Hers was definitely not a standup performance.

Furious with Donald Trump in his third debate, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted, “WE ARE WOMEN HEAR US ROAR, YOU ORANGE MUTHAF**ker.”   The word ‘nasty’ might be a little too tame in describing O’Donnell. ‘Beastly’ or ‘grotesque’ are the more accurate descriptions of this detestable  woman.

And then we have sixty year old Bill Maher, a toad of a man, whose only joy in life comes from his thirty year old girlfriend and taunting conservatives.  After calling Sarah Palin a c*nt, he was celebrated amidst the left-wing social clubs.  Comedian, Amy Schumer, has taken to the stage with her filthy act, suggesting that Trump wanted to perform lewd sexual acts upon his daughter.

But Hillary Clinton supporter, Lena Dunham, wins the cakewalk.  Dunham, the star of the program, “Girls,”  is a  loathsome example of a woman.  She wrote a published, non-fiction essay in which she describes sexually abusing her baby sister.  She gives a detailed account of the encounters.  Shouldn’t this woman be in jail?  Dunham was photographed naked, sitting on a commode while eating birthday cake.  But this psychotic woman is so outraged by Donald Trump that she vows to go to Canada if he is elected. If only she would hold true to her promise!

The Democrat platform champions the murder of babies.  They condone the dismemberment of tiny but full-term babies.  Democrats applaud licentious sex, deviant lifestyles, the abandonment of gender, the eradication of the family, moral relativism, the enslavement of middle class taxpayers, abuses upon the Constitution, the abdication of the rule of law, the oppression of women via the support of  Sharia, a ruling class of establishment aristocracy, and the list goes on and on.  And these hypocritical agents of the underworld are indignant that Trump called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman?’  Nope! I don’t think so!

Augustus McRae, the lovable rogue from “Lonesome Dove,” delivered this statement, when put into the position of hanging his friend, Jake Spoon.  “You know how it works, Jake.   You ride with an outlaw, you die with an outlaw.  I’m sorry you crossed the line.”   Most of us have been taught since childhood that whom we ‘hang’ with reflects who we are.  And in general, it is a truism of life.  How many conservative celebrities or Trump-supporting celebrities are using the tactics of the Left?  Who are the Rosie O’Donnells, Bill Mahers, Madonnas, or Lena Dunhams on the right?

When Donald Trump christened Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman,’ he was in fact being generous.  A woman who is publicly accepted as a corrupt, deceptive, unethical, and criminal candidate for the office of the presidency of the world’s superpower, can best be described as diabolical or demonic.  A woman who allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi and lied to the families is wicked to the core.  A woman who has compromised the security of an entire nation must be the spawn of hell’s fires.

Donald Trump deserves an apology from the Left.  He was charitable in his description of Clinton as ‘nasty.’  She is in reality a ‘monstrous woman,’ and so is her damnable party!










  1. Thanks for another Great article Judy. Klinton referring to anyone that is politically right of her as “deplorable” is truly laughable, and Trump was being kind to call her nasty. To “those people” that stand with Klinton, qualities such as honesty, integrity, morality, sincerity, to name just a few are seen as negatives. They see our kindness as weakness, our desire to trust others as a flaw. I fear they are dangerously close to learning a thing or two that they would rather not have learned.

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