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During the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump was asked if he would concede the loss if Clinton wins the election.  Trump responded that he was unsure and suggested that his concession would be contingent on various factors.  The Establishment became unglued, and the media went into its typical tailspin as if Trump was already the pronounced  loser and was refusing to step down.

Trump is one hundred percent justified in his decision to wait until the details of the election are made public before he commits to anything in regards to the election results.  Considering the election fraud, which is verifiable, he has every right and reason to abstain from promises he might have to repudiate.  And if the election is as close as it appears that it may be, he may have good reason not to concede even if he is handed a loss.

‘Project Veritas,’  and may God Bless and protect the brave truth-seekers of this conservative band of brothers, has uncovered videos where Democrat operatives admit to engaging in voter fraud and even inciting violence at Trump rallies.  The cat’s out of the bag in terms of the Democrats publicly acknowledging that they “cheat” to win elections.  Of course, we knew they did, but a confession by Democrat activists is worth Rosie ODonnell’s weight in gold, at least for Mr. Trump.  As for the media and mainstream Democrats, a videoed confession by their brother and sister  Alinskyites  is as worthless as Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony. The Democrats and the media simply don’t care if the party of Jackasses has to cheat, steal, lie, fight, or instigate violence if it is a pathway to Democrat victory on the road to world dominance.

But they should care, because real Americans are at the end of the road.  Real Americans, who are liberty-loving, law-abiding, pro-constitution individuals have been shoved down the road of tyranny and oppression as far as they are going to allow themselves to be pushed.  They don’t intend to be intimidated or bulldozed into accepting another four years of unlawful leaders, a corrupt president, and the completed ruination of the republic.

When Trump stated that he had not yet decided if he would concede if the election results produced a Clinton win, Hillary commented that as a nation we always unite after a hard fought presidential election. Well, I am here to tell you, sister, that following a Hillary Clinton win, if that’s the case, the right will not be reconciling with the communist left. It ain’t gonna happen, and you can take that to the bank.

No longer can we ignore the  weak and incompetent government.  Lawlessness within our established bureaucracy is going unchallenged and allowed to advance.  The corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton is so extensive that the powers-that-be step aside and allow them to make a mockery of our judicial system.  There is a long line of lifeless bodies connected to the political rise of this nefarious duo, and no one wants to speak out against the Clintons and end up on the Clinton’s ‘to do’ hit list.

Geraldo Rivera, an outspoken liberal, has publicly admitted that the media bias against Trump is like nothing he has ever seen.  Coming from Rivera, the accuracy of his observation must be carefully considered.  Even Geraldo is appalled at the degree of the breach of trust of which the media has engaged.  It is as outrageous as Michelle Obama’s twelve thousand dollar cocktail dress.

Donald Trump’s rise to political stardom sent a powerful message to the media and global elites.  Real Americans  are tired of playing nice.  They are overworked and weary of the system which has played them for fools and created a social stratification which has enslaved the middle class.  The powerful and elite Left do not understand this phenomenon, and they believe that after they can manage to coronate Hillary Clinton, the great unwashed masses will go home and do as they are told.  But they are wrong.  Very wrong.

If Donald Trump has contributed anything worthwhile to the conservatives, it is this:   If you want to defeat your enemy, you sure as hell had better be willing to fight.  Forget about niceties and don’t obsess about civility. Don’t allow yourself to be kicked around.  Take the offensive after the first punch.  The Left has been punching and punching the right with such intensity that the right suffers from being punch drunk.  For far too long they haven’t known what hit them.  They have been in a surreal stupor.

Anyone who seriously expects a kumbaya moment following the November 9th election is delirious with wishful thinking.  We are at the end of the road, folks.  We have to stop the enemy from within.  There is nothing more to lose!  It’s now or never!


  1. Great read Sister Judy. One of your best yet. I for one am ready to carry this thing on to the Gates of Hell itself. There is reporting that the race here in Texas is close. That is in a word simply bullshit. While we have pockets of liberalism this state is as Red as red can be. And Donald Trump’s entry into the race didn’t change things and Hillary certainly did nothing to change things. There is only two ways Texas would ever go Blue and that is open up the borders and allow illegal aliens to vote or enter George Soros to tamper with voting machines… in other words cheat. We have not elected a statewide Democrat since Ma Richards narrowly defeated a political novice in 1991 and then was crushed four years later by George W Bush. They pumped in millions and millions of dollars to pretty Baby Killer, Wendy Davis and she was crushed and later she lost her on State Senate Seat. So Trump is very correct by not conceding anything . . . I don’t recall Al Gore conceding . . . until the Supreme Court ordered an end to the cheating in Florida. Oh and a side note to one of your barbs . . . if we did have Gold on hand equal to Rose O’Donnell’s weight, Nixon would have never taken us off the gold standard. LOL

  2. IF she wins I see ugly in our streets. IF she wins it wont be because Trump filled stadiums all over this great land. It will be because the FBI is corrupt, the Justice department is corrupt, the state department is corrupt, the media is corrupt. All of them hide from the TRUTH ! TRUTH being they ve lied about your tax money for years and enriched themselves in the process. Left us with a mountain of debt that will continue to climb and can only be serviced by taxing OUR assets to the point the government will TAKE IT to cover the taxes owed on it. And when the UGLY comes and your a ignorant democrat that voted for her you have no one to blame but yourself.

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