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I have about reached the end of my rope when it comes to the politically correct morons in, not just this country, but around the world.  There is absolutely no rationalization for the hordes of people who are capitulating to the absurdities occurring in the name of tolerance.  How do sane people maintain their sense of sanity when everything around them is crumbling in the name of ludicrous irrational thinking?  The masses occasionally buying into stupidity is anticipated, but the ding dong bell has been ringing almost every hour on the hour every day of the week.   DING…DONG, DING…DONG, DING…DONG!

Political correctness has become a lifestyle in America, but in European countries, such as Sweden, political correctness has become the gateway for the rise of Islam and the fall of Christianity.  After the migration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the nations of Europe, Sweden is desperately seeking not just to welcome the Islamic newcomers, but to bow down and succumb to the Islamic culture.  Aside from surrendering their girls and women to the sexual predators among the Muslim migrants, the Swedes are now banning their towns from having Christmas lights.

According to the Swedish authorities, the Christmas lights present a danger.  They are a security risk.  Attached to metal poles, these lights could somehow fall and injure an innocent person.  The Swedish Christians are asked to believe the fairy tale that their leaders are fabricating.  Despite the reality that there have been no incidences of Christmas lights falling from the poles after decades of this Christmas tradition, the bureaucrats are suddenly concerned.  Christmas lights, which typically adorn the tree branches of evergreens, have, without warning, become perilous objects and too heavy for metal poles.

But those Swedes, who have not been deafened by the Ding Dong Bell, recognize the purpose of this outrageous insult to Christians as an outreach to Muslims.  Despite the fact that Muslims are wreaking havoc on their country through acts of sexual aggression and violence, the Swedes don’t want to offend these bullies. While Muslims are firebombing cars and business in Malmo, the Swedes are worried about upsetting these invaders to their country with Christmas lights.

Grab your head for this one, because some areas of Sweden are appealing to ISIS by offering jihadists free drivers licenses and free housing benefits to help them reintegrate into the job market.  “Mohammed comes marching home again” and gets a new house and job!  But sure, we understand. Everyone goes through a bad spell in his life where he decides to behead people and burn them alive.  It’s just a part of growing and being.  And what better way to help someone get his life back on track than to give him a job, a house, and a driver’s license.  If the government could just throw in a machete, it might help seal the deal.

And you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Bishop Eva Brunne, a Lesbian Swede, decided that crosses on the churches in Sweden should be removed and replaced with Islamic symbols so as to appear inviting to Muslims.  Had enough?  How about the Swedish Christmas Eve special that was hosted by a Muslim woman?

When European nations began surrendering their western culture to the politically correct gods and goddesses of wickedness, many of us laughed at the absurdity of it all.  But the trickle down started in Europe, and it trickled right straight across the pond to the good ole U.S of A.  And now we are beginning to see the same destruction of our culture as it is being replaced with the Islamic civilization.  And NEWSFLASH, folks, but the Islamic civilization is anything but civil.

How can this bizarre overthrow of the western culture in Sweden happen?  Because the government took their guns!

And now we wonder:  What will they come after first?   Our guns? Or our Christmas lights?


  1. I’m sure that gun bans are coming, but we will see ammo availability dry up long before they try that. Political Correctness is nothing more than removing words, symbols, and phrases from our culture until it is unrecognizable, vanilla if you will, so it can be more easily replaced with islam. I ain’t havin’ none of that, thank you very much.

  2. If the government could just throw in a machete, it might help seal the Good one. Disarming us is high on Soro s I mean the new SCOTUS list. And it will come soon after. I don’t see it being strictly enforced until after most of us baby boomers are dead but rest assured the new world order is here and waiting. Give up my guns NEVER ! I don’t trust my life to no one especially a democrat government.

  3. If I wanted to travel to Europe, I would avoid the large metropolitan areas. That’s where the muslims seem to get infested into their ‘no go’ zones, and they are expanding those areas.
    I think the Brexit vote was a vote against the muslim infestation, and I hope it spreads.

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