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The only conceivable way for Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidential election is for his support to be overwhelmingly superior to Hillary Clinton’s, so much so that it counters the intensity of the fraud being waged by the Democrats.  There is stunning evidence that the election is being manipulated by the Democrats in the media, in the debates, in the entertainment industry, at the United States Justice Department, at the cemetery, at the immigration office, and even at the voting machines.

George Soros, the mad billionaire behind Hillary Clinton, has now been linked to voting machines in sixteen states. The machines are from a company tied directly to Soros.  Smartmatic, the company which is providing voting machines to sixteen of the states, posted a flow-chart on its website asserting that it was equipping these states with the machines.  The flow chart has since been removed following the dustup over the Soros-connected company’s involvement in the United States election. Soros, a globalist who spends billions on his borderless one-world order scheme, also spends millions on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Chairman of Smartmatic, Mark Malloch-Brown, not only has ties to the Clintons through his work at two consulting firms, but he served as a United Nations official and sits on the board of Soro’s Open Society Foundation.  It doesn’t get much cozier than that.  And as Hillary’s luck would have it, Malloch-Brown’s company is providing 50,000 voting machines for the United States 2016 presidential election.  Gee, I don’t know anyone who has that much good fortune, accept maybe for those people who sign that pact with the guy whom Saul Alinsky so admires.  Alinsky so glorified this fellow that he dedicated his book, “RULES FOR RADICALS,” to him.  He is the ultimate radical, and his name is Lucifer!

The National Association for the Secretaries of State has acknowledged that Smartmatic is not on the list of federally certified providers of voting machines, and officials in several states have contested that their equipment comes from Smartmatic.  So, why would Smartmatic boast of it’s connection to the election of the American president?  Could it be because they enjoy taunting the American anti-globalist electorate?  Could it be that the Left is so cock-sure of their takedown of America that they are now willing and wanting to be recognized for their success in this diabolical worldwide scheme?

People who lust for the uber-power and wealth that the globalists crave, also covet the recognition of their devious achievements.  They hunger for the twisted respect of those whom they oppress.  Submission is the ultimate goal of the evildoers.  All tyrants pursue submission from their underlings.  They demand obedience and a compliant citizenry.   They yearn for a serfdom in which they are feared rather than admired.

Hillary Clinton smirked and taunted the examiners at her Benghazi Hearing.  She laughed inappropriately, and she scoffed at legitimate questions.  Her arrogance and mockery of the system was infuriating for those in the audience who wanted justice for the men killed in Benghazi.  Clinton was amused at the frustration of her questioners as she repeatedly lied or feigned a lack of recall.   Her hubris should have been anticipated rather than unexpected.  Hillary is arriving at the pinnacle of her power climb, and she sees no real obstacles.  In her fiendish mind, there is nothing between her and the power she has thirsted for her entire adult life.

Hillary knows that for all of the negative publicity and for all of the evidence of her criminal and corrupt activities, she has escaped the piper.  She believes that unlike We the People, she is entitled to a much grander life, a life in which she will go down in history as the first woman president of the United States.  Her deceptive character is irrelevant to the scope of her power, the Clinton power.  And more importantly, Clinton understands that her Sugar Daddy, who is the Super Charger of all things powerful, will move heaven and earth to get her into the White House.  How can a girl get so lucky?

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  1. Isn’t it still widely regarded to be illegal to putz around with elections? I always thought that should be the most bitterly punished crime of all, because it goes to challenge our basic freedoms as a society and as a nation. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

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