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Superstars such as Megyn Kelly, who rise to fame lickety-split, are generally overrated, ambitious status seekers who have spent ample time making back room deals.  They are typically mediocre in their talents, but they have the gift of knowing how to please that right person or persons.  They seize total control of their surroundings expeditiously.  And that is exactly how Megyn Kelly made her claim to fame.  One minute a street reporter and the next minute the host of her own prime time show.

Megyn Kelly made such an impact at Fox News, that it is being reported that the Murdoch Boys, who are the sons of Rupert Murdoch,  will soon make Kelly the ‘face’ of Fox.  Kelly, at most, is a cute, bright, articulate woman.  But her bristly personality, which accompanies her supersized ego, leaves many in her audience with a bitter taste for this haughty and domineering woman.

Rarely do we see a guest on Kelly’s show, ‘The Kelly File’,  address her with anything but syrupy admiration.  In fact, her guests appear to be intimidated by her.  But last night, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, had his showdown with the prissy Miss Megyn, and it was a much needed and long- time- coming treat for the viewers.

Gingrich, a supporter of Donald Trump, was a guest on Kelly’s program when Kelly began her ‘Trump is a sexual predator rhetoric’. Gingrich denied the claim and suggested that Kelly was fascinated with sex.  He called her out on her lack of interest in public policy and her protection of Hillary Clinton.  Denying her special treatment or defense of Hillary, she excused her bias as protecting women.  She faked concern as she added that women wanted to know whom they were going to get in the White House.

Gingrich, a step ahead of her, countered with a statement which scolded Kelly for her lack of distress over Bill Clinton, a sexual predator, being back in the White House.  He challenged Kelly to use the phrase, ‘Bill Clinton, sexual predator.’   Kelly ignored the request, and after some bantering, suggested that Gingrich spend time working on his anger issues.

The exchange between Gingrich and Kelly is a foreshadowing of what is to come.  Tensions are high and will be getting higher after the election.  Kelly, whose high respect of Clinton is well noted, was not prepared for Newt’s daring confrontation.  And it was obvious that she didn’t like it.  Little Miss Muffet doesn’t like being shoved off her tuffet.

And Gingrich, on the other hand, has wearied of the disgusting media bias for Hillary Clinton.  Unlike so many others, he is willing to call them out on it.  Gingrich is a brilliant man and not to be overcome in the arena of political discourse.  He was ambushed by Kelly, and he reversed the attack.

Kelly kept her composure, but make no mistake about it.  Mr. Gingrich rattled Little Miss Priss, which is something that few have the gumption to do.  And Kelly won’t soon forget it.  “Attaboy Newt!”


  1. She was very disrespectful to the speaker and unprofessional.
    Her bias was so strong against Trump that
    she didn’t care if she covered it up or not.

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