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As Americans prepare to import hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslim migrants, we have been informed by intelligence agencies that ISIS hit squads are indeed hiding among the hordes.  These militants are entering our country and receiving benefits to perpetuate their clandestine agenda.  What a sweet deal!

The American people are so inexcusably uninformed and overindulged that they continue on with their lives, either oblivious to what awaits them or too apathetic to care about anything except instant gratification in whatever form that may be.  Militant jihadists are settling among the citizenry, and the general attitude of the masses is ‘it’s not my problem.”  “Give me a beer, a joint, a ballgame, a fix, a vacation, a porn flick, a little afternoon delight, and I am good to go,” is their unspoken slogan.   No need to stress out over machete-wielding radicals.

Apparently the videos of the Christians in the Middle East being beheaded and burned alive had little impact on the Americans who are afflicted with a short term recall.  9-11 is but a faint memory.  And as Europe burns and their western culture smolders, millions of Americans are assembling to vote for Hillary Clinton, the woman who vows to usher in thousands upon thousands of migrants.  Nearly half of the American populace, if not more, are so useless, that they are actively participating in the perpetuation of power for inarguably the most cold-hearted, corrupt, criminal, and diabolical individual who has ever sought the office of the United States presidency.

Citizens of every town or city in every state should be demanding an end to the migrant parade.  But they don’t.  They are either too apathetic or ignorant to understand the ramifications of ISIS in America.  Americans have that little kid mentality of “it won’t happen to me.”

I realize that my warnings and calls to awareness often fall on deaf ears.  But it is not in my nature to give up on anything that I hold dear, such as my family or my country.  So, I will continue to ring the alarm bell of Islamic radicalism.  And I wonder, just how horrific must ISIS prove to be before Americans awaken to the threat.  Americans are desensitized to the senseless acts of torture.  They shrug off beheadings.  They yawn as Christians in the Middle East are burned alive, dismembered and their charred body parts hung from bridges.  They grab the remote while Christians in a distant land are loaded into cages and drowned.

So far, there has not been any act of barbarism so grotesque that Americans have recoiled in anger?  But how about this one.  In Syria, ISIS is now rounding up the Christians, taking them to a bakery, and baking the adults alive in the bakery ovens.  And they are taking the children, putting them into large industrial mixers or dough machines, and kneading these children with dough hooks as if to bake them like bread.  Where is the American outrage?  There is none.  There is only S-I-L-E-N-C-E.  What a shameful lot we have become.



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